Thursday, February 11, 2016

Our Constitution is a dead letter

   None of our constitutional safeguards are of any effect. The intended watch-dogs; the courts, are nothing more than a pathetic joke. Any honest legal mind knows what the meaning of "shall not be infringed" is. Yet these judicial idiots somehow think that we are fools enough to believe that our right can be infringed.

   Does anyone realize just how dangerous that really is? If our hired servants can circumvent and for all intensive purposes destroy one right. Then they can do the same to all of our rights. Not only can they, but they eventually will. For that is the nature of unrestrained 'power'.

   While it may not mean much to this generation. What about the next? You know, the one our children will grow up and age in. Is it really fair to them to pass on a corrupt government to them? Knowing that if that government remains unchecked and uncontrolled. It will just garner even more 'power' unto itself. And will eventually turn totally tyrannical at some point. For that is the very nature of the beast. As hundreds of millions learned last century to their sorrow and demise.

   Our forebears had to finally confront tyranny, after trying to reason with it for many years. Does even one drop of their blood still flow in any of our veins?

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