Saturday, February 13, 2016

The reality of [constitutionally perverse] 'gun control'

   In every historical instance of 'gun control laws' being enacted in the United States. The result has always been an increase in crime. This has been particularly true in large cities, such as Chicago and New York. Where the resultant increase in crime, due to constitutionally perverse 'gun control laws'. Ended up in enlarged police forces, that were not only used to [supposedly] fight crime. But had the side effect of reducing the liberty of the law-abiding citizens as well. And thereby making the citizens more dependent upon the government for 'protection'. In addition, it caused the criminal element in society to become more organized. Which of course creates even more fear within the now defenseless community. And, since the citizens have already been for all intensive purposes disarmed. It only causes them to call out for, and acquiesce in, even more 'gun control laws'.

   In other words, not only did the government create the problem by unconstitutionally enacting 'gun control laws' to begin with. They enlarged the criminal element by removing the only effective deterrent that held it in check.

   The government itself, by enacting constitutionally perverse 'gun control laws'. Thereby removes one of the main intended "checks" in our intended system of checks and balances. Which is the fear of an armed population that is able to put it down in the event it becomes tyrannical. And all of history shows that unchecked power has a corrupting influence. That "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." It is an axiom that was proven beyond all shadow of doubt in the last century. And resulted in the deaths of some 300 million people.

   We The People need to stand on our Constitution, and the rights secured to us by that supreme instrument. And, we need to DEMAND that our hired servants in our governments restore our Constitution and the rights secured by it to original condition. Otherwise, We The People will be forced to do the same as our forebears did. And rise up and put down corrupt government. Or, our corrupt government will only continue to put us down. Quite possibly to the point where we will never be able to rise again.

   Failure to act is a mistake that a free people are only allowed to make once. Just ask the Germans before the Nazi's. Or the Chinese, Russians and Vietnamese before the communists. If you listen real hard, you can still hear the faint screams of warning from the 300 million that died last century.

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