Sunday, February 14, 2016

Which is greater, the creature or the ones that Created it?

   All governments in the United States were created by the people. That is a fact that is beyond all dispute.

   When those governments were created by the people, they were established by Constitutional means. The governments are mere creatures of the Constitutions, and were delegated authority and power for specific purposes. These authorities and powers were divided up and diffused into three different branches of government; executive, judicial and legislative. In order that power wouldn't concentrate into the hands of a very few, or worse; one. They formed a system of checks and balances. And intended that each branch would act as a "check" on the others. And keep them within the bounds of their constitutionally delegated authorities and powers. For our fore-fathers had learned the horrible lesson of how that "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

   In addition to the above, it was acknowledged by the framers of our constitutions that there will always be varying interests within all societies. That there would be commercial, land-holding, financial, labor, and common interests, etc. And they had intended that the rights of all would be respected and secured. Which was the purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America. 

   Due to the many historical examples of governments operating outside of their Constitutionally delegated authorities and powers. Bill of Rights were deemed necessary in order to further clarify the intended limits of authority and power that had been delegated. And this, in order to restrain the natural tendency of those that govern to abuse the delegated authority and power to the injury of those that are governed.

   Unfortunately, all of those intended safeguards seem to mean little or nothing to many of our current American governments. And haven't for about 100 years. And instead of each branch acting as a "check" on the other two branches. It is obvious that they have combined, and have been increasingly working together to undermine our Constitutions and the rights secured by those instruments.

   Not only that, but the governments have combined and worked together in order to place the interests of the "commercial, land-holding, and financial" segments of society. Above that of those that "labor", and the "common" interests. Instead of serving We The People, they are now serving the interests of "mammon". And, lest it be forgotten, the "love of money is the root of all evil". Which means essentially, that the servants in our governments have prostituted themselves and our rights to the highest bidder.

   This leads to the question: Who or what causes our hired servants to stray from their Constitutional limitations? This can be answered at once by the example set by mr. obama turning to the famous anti-gun billionaire mr. bloomberg around the time of issuing his most recent 'executive order'. The love of 'money' and 'power' are the two historical causes of servants turning against their real masters.

   What is all of this but an utter disrespect of the Creators by those that were created by them? Not only that, but our own fellow citizens, who are in fact our equals. Treat us as if we are their underlings? This fact is made perfectly clear by them calling us "consumers" and "tax-payers". Rather than by our proper titles, which is CITIZENS.

   These things should not be. Certainly not in a land intended to be one of "Equal Rights, Equal Liberty, and Equal Justice for all". These people that have money, land, etc. Wouldn't have anything if it wasn't for the people that labored for them, and thereby enabled them to obtain what they have. Just as our governments wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for We The People.

   It is high time that these creatures be reminded just who their Creators are. And return to treating us with the due respect that we rightfully deserve. For without us - they are NOTHING. And we created these creatures to "secure the blessings of liberty" for us. Not to tell us what our liberties are, or when we can exercise them. They don't tell us - WE TELL THEM.

   And the "commercial, land-holding, and financial" segments of society better remember as well. That if they want their rights secured. Then they damn well better make sure that our rights are secured as well. For what comes around, goes around. And usually when it comes back around - there is substantial interest attached....


Anonymous said...

Shoot yourself, gun nut!

E. David Quammen said...

Can see why you cowards always remain anonymous.