Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gun Control is what is directly responsible for all of our current problems

   Not only that, but unconstitutional gun control provides the impetus for creating even more problems. In that it causes We The People to accept the idea that our hired servants can disregard our Constitution. By floating out the idea that reasonable regulations/violations are acceptable. Thus effectively erasing all of the prohibitions We The People stipulated against our hired servants in government in the first place.

   We The People expressly denied our governments any authority or power over our right to keep and bear arms. They can only legally provide punishments for the ABUSE of those rights - not for the exercise of them.

   By allowing and accepting these infringements; under the guise of fear or that the infringements are reasonable. We thereby make it easier for our hired servants to continue on down the same road with ALL of our rights. Where soon our servants come up with plausible excuses to strip away all of them. Think that is taking the matter to far? All of the history of the governments of mankind prove that is precisely the end result. Why? Because; "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". It is an age-old and valid maxim. And is also one of the main reasons for the enactment of Amendment II. Which is of course meant to keep power in check. With the realization that an armed people are not going to be easily enslaved. That the power mad might very well have to answer for their lust for even more power with their lives. The amendment was intended as a deterrent to all enemies; whether foreign or domestic. It was meant to deter criminals in government, as well as those on our streets.

   The corrupt in power of course are aware of all of the above. And they shudder to think that more American citizens will come to the knowledge of the actual truth. For if We The people were all armed, as is Constitutionally intended. Then that would diminish our need for them to provide for our "defense". When the actual fact of the matter is, that our governments were delegated powers for the common defense. Leaving the individual citizen responsible for their own defense. And because they have successfully unconstitutionally restricted or removed the ability to defend ourselves. It makes We The People turn to them for defense. Which is precisely what they want, for it gives them more power and control. As well as makes us more dependent upon them. Creating massive bureaus, police departments, agencies, etc. All of which is paid for out of OUR pockets of course. How effective have these government solutions been? All one has to do is listen to the news to find out. Most, if not all government 'solutions' are miserably ineffective.

   The unconstitutional restrictions also have another added benefit to the perverse in 'power'. In that it creates a massive 'criminal justice system', which feeds on itself and grows. (One which would hardly exist if we were all armed as is intended.) For the law of Self-Preservation also applies to those with a criminal mindset. If they knew that they would very well pay for their criminal attempts - immediately and permanently. Then that would act as an almost insurmountable deterrent. Which the corrupt in power are also more than aware of.

   We The People need to FORCE our hired servants in government to return to governing as was Constitutionally intended. And stop allowing them to stray off the beaten path. Into areas where they were expressly Constitutionally forbidden from going. Our lives, freedom and liberties absolutely depend on it. Failure to act now, in a peaceful manner. Will result in either abject slavery, or an all out bloody revolution. All the history of mankind testifies of that fact.

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