Monday, June 20, 2016

How does more Constitutionally perverse 'gun control laws' solve problems first caused by 'gun control laws' to begin with?

   The actual fact of the matter is that it does not. Two wrongs will NEVER make a right. If the first supposed [perverse] "cure" didn't work. Then how can one logically believe that another equally perverse "cure" will solve the problem? We must not only extract ourselves form this vicious cycle. But undo all of the perversions unconstitutionally applied to begin with.

   It is unconstitutional 'gun control laws' that have caused most of the problems we have today with violence. When the actual fact of the matter is, that an armed people were intended to STOP violence. And, if We The People were left unimpeded in the exercise of our Constitutionally secured inalienable right to defend ourselves. Then just the knowledge that we were resolved to stand up against aggression. Is all that would be needed to stop the cowards intent on shooting down at will unarmed targets.

   Constitutionally perverse 'gun control laws' give criminals assurance that they are safe in plying their trade. That they will be met with little to no resistance.

   An armed people are a safe and free people. For the natural law of Self-Preservation keeps even those with evil intent in check. The thought of possibly facing immediate retribution keeps even the most staunch offender at bay. The threat of prison obviously doesn't work. For we have the largest prison system in the world, and it grows daily. Which again is directly attributed to Constitutionally perverse 'gun control laws'. But, if We The People were all armed, as is Constitutionally intended. Then these criminal types wouldn't even dare attempt much of their criminal actions.

   The perverse criminals in our [supposed] 'criminal justice system' are well aware of the above fact. Which is why they insist upon Constitutionally perverse 'gun control'. For they know that if We The People were all armed. Then there would be little need for them and their 'services'. It is 'gun control' which provides them a paycheck. And this perverse system MUST be dismantled. For if we allow it to continue and grow. Then soon we will ALL be criminals, and nothing more than 'subjects' of the state.

   We The People need to RESTORE the knowledge that WE are the government. And that those that we employ in our governments are nothing more than our hired servants. And, that these hired servants will STOP interfering with our inalienable right to defend ourselves. As well as return to following the Constitution that we created; in both spirit and letter.

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