Monday, June 20, 2016

The Constitution cannot be selectively enforced

   Our Constitution, every single last word thereof; including the Amendments, is the "supreme law of the land". And is clearly intended to apply on every square inch of United States territory. For much to long now it has been selectively; enforced and interpreted. Being subjected to the personal 'feelings' of those in our executive, judicial and legislative branches. Thus defeating the whole intended purpose of a WRITTEN CONSTITUTION. This perversion must end. Either ALL of the Constitution is the "supreme law of the land", or none of it is. There is no middle ground. The Constitution is quite clear about that. ALL of it is to be obeyed and enforced, not just select portions.

   The only way We The People can ensure that our Constitution is enforced. Is to stand up and MAKE our hired servants abide by it. Which is the whole intended purpose of Amendments I and II. First we must publicly make it known to our hired servants that we DEMAND that they abide by our Constitution. And that We are resolved to back our demands by FORCE, if necessary.

   Those that went to clown college, and think that our Constitution is a 'living, breathing document'. MUST be made to see that they are suffering from a delusion. The Constitution was formed in order to keep 'feelings' and 'party' views in check. By first delegating precisely defined authorities and powers. And secondly, by making sure those hired by We The People stayed within the CONFINES of our Constitution. Which was intended to be accomplished by diffusing 'power' among the various branches of our governments. In order that each branch would be a check on the others. This due to the natural jealousy found among competing interests. In order that these branches would not combine and go beyond the limits defined in our Constitution.

   But obviously We The People have a problem. For those entrusted with 'power' HAVE combined. And they regularly go beyond the limits defined in our Constitution. By offering [supposed] plausible excuses for their treasonous activities. Excuses that are often provided due to current events. Events which seemingly provide justification for stepping beyond the limits imposed in our Constitution. This MUST cease. For there is NO justification for not abiding by We The People's Constitution. We The People need to INSIST that our Constitution be adhered to. And not permit ANY overstepping of the bounds of our Constitution by our hired servants PERIOD.

   We The People either STAND UP, and DEFEND our Constitution and the rights which that document secures. Or, our hired servants will continue to overstep their bounds. And we will soon have no right nor even Constitution left. This fact has been made abundantly clear throughout the history of written Constitutions. The People either defend their Constitution - as written. Or they are enslaved by being ground down into submission. We need to REVERSE that trend; and instead ground our hired servants down into submission.

   The choice is simple. Either We The People stand up, while it is still possible to do so. And DEMAND that our Constitution be respected and adhered to. Or, become enslaved as has happened to the millions before us down throughout history. Those that had failed to stand up to corrupt 'power' before it was to late. And be forced to fight against our hired servants in actual battle. In order to regain our lost rights and Constitution.

   All that it takes for tyrants to pay attention. Is often only a show of firm resolve not to be bullied into submission any longer. Backed by millions of armed citizens willing to take a stand and announce their resolve.. Wouldn't it be better to accomplish it without violence? Rather than be forced into a bloody revolution as our forebears were?

   The answer to the age-old question:
"Who will guard the guards?"
   Is; We The People. At least that is how it was originally intended here in the United States of America. We need to return to following the MAXIMS pointed out by the wisdom and experience of those which preceded us.

   Why continue going down the path of cowardice. As is set forth in the LIE-beral agenda. Which never has, and never will work. Instead of keeping on the hard-won path discovered by our predecessors? The path of STRENGTH, FREEDOM and LIBERTY?

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