Saturday, June 18, 2016

The "due process of law" LIE

   The whole intended purpose of a written Constitution and Bill of Rights. Is to outline what "shall" and "shall not" legally be done. The "due process of law" ruse is merely intended to circumvent our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is a seemingly legalized method of doing that which was expressly forbidden to be done in our Constitution. Admitting that it can be done is the same as stating that the Constitution is meaningless. What the words "shall not be infringed" actually mean. Is that there can be no law enacted which interferes with the right to keep and bear arms. That due to the fact that the right is Constitutionally secured. It removes that right from both government and public scrutiny, and any action against it.

   The right to keep and bear arms is inseparably linked to the inalienable natural right of Self-Defense. Which is a right possessed by every living creature. And which right can never be fully removed. If a citizen has committed a crime and is incarcerated. Or has participated in open armed rebellion to legally delegated authority. Then of course they can be disarmed while they are in custody. But once that citizen has paid the price for their crime, and is again at liberty. Then that person has the same right to defend themselves as any other creature. And no law can legally be enacted which prevents that person from being armed for their defense.

   The Constitution IS the ultimate "due process of law". It clearly outlines what legally "shall" and "shall not" be done. And any law enacted contrary to that "Supreme Law" is null and void. Regardless of how "reasonable" or sugar-coated it is. So in reality, the actual "due process of law" is in the government and public adhering to the terms and conditions of the Constitution.

    It is the Constitutionally bound duty of the legislative branch. To not enact any law which will contravene the right to keep and bear arms. The role of the executive is to ensure that any law presented by the legislature which contravenes that right is vetoed. And the role of the judicial isn't in determining what infringements are permissible. Regardless of however plausible or reasonable they may seem. But rather, that any infringement whatsoever is declared null and void. The fact that our courts currently use prior infringements as justification for even further infringement. Is not only ludicrous, but downright ignorant. For two wrongs certainly do NOT make a right.

   The reason that we are seeing all of these mass shootings is BECAUSE of Constitutionally perverse gun control. For if We The People were all armed as is Constitutionally intended. Then the nut-cases perpetrating these mass shootings wouldn't even attempt it. For the law of Self-Preservation would make them realize that any attempt to go on a random shooting spree. Would very soon result in their own demise.

   These shootings can directly be attributed to the unconstitutional actions of our governments. As well as the cowardly sycophants which prompt those in our governments to do something about it. I use the term coward, because they are to afraid to provide for their own defense. These cowards wrongfully think that it is the role of our governments to provide for their defense. While it is plainly shown in our Constitution that our governments are NOT delegated the authority or power to do so. Our governments are charged with the duty of providing for the "common defense" - NOT individual.

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