Thursday, June 30, 2016

When you pull out weeds, do you just lop off the tops?

   Or, do you yank them out by the roots? As every gardener knows, if you just pull off the top of the weed that is showing. Then the weed just keeps on growing, and often causes even more weeds to sprout. So the real answer is to yank the whole weed out - root and all.

   The same can be stated about Constitutionally perverse 'gun control laws'. We The People must strike at the root of the problem. Which is to make it clear to the usurpers in [supposed] 'power' within our government(s). That we will no longer tolerate their utter dismissal of our Constitution and the rights which are secured by that Supreme Law. That we will no longer accept their outright lies claiming that they can do whatever they want, despite the clear language of our Constitution to the contrary.

   The prohibition against government intrusion of our right to keep and bear arms is quite simple and plain. For it is made perfectly clear in the "Restrictive clause" of Amendment II:

   "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

   That prohibition is aimed squarely at our government; in fact ALL American governments. As well as all branches of government; executive, judicial and legislative. There is not one hired servant within any of our governments that the express prohibition doe not apply to. There is no ambiguity in those words. There is no interpretation that is necessary or required. For the wording is in clear and concise terms. And there is no mistaking the meaning of what those words actually mean.

   We The People need to INSIST that our hired servants ABIDE by those words. And stop accepting as gospel the perverse government justifications for intruding into where they were expressly forbidden from going. We need to take it all the way back to; "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed - PERIOD.

   The point needs to be SLAMMED home. That ALL infringements of that right; past, present and future, are NULL and VOID. That We The People do not accept ANY violations of our rights as being valid. The since traitors in 'power' have obvious contempt for our Constitution. We in turn should have obvious contempt for all of their perverse 'laws' which contravene that supreme instrument. For in Constitutional reality - no 'law' which violates the Supreme law has any validity whatsoever. It should be treated as if it were never written to begin with. And those that authored it, as well as those that passed it. Should be charged with the crime of having violated it. They should not be permitted to continually violate our Constitution at will. For they have gotten away with it for far to long as it is. And it must be STOPPED - NOW.

   We need to return to the point where the government has a healthy and respectful FEAR of We The People, and not visa-versa. A place where the government is DEPENDENT upon the people, and not the people on their creature - the government. Where the government is OBEDIENT to the Supreme Law which created their offices to begin with.

   This can only be done by the pulling out of the weed from the roots. And restoring the Constitution to its original intended splendor. As well by as amending the Constitution to provide for immediate punishment for hired servants; whether elected, hired or appointed, which violate it.

   Another cure for the present day evils found in our 'system'. Is in the removal of the Constitutionally perverse 'party' system. No where in our Constitution is the system of 'party' even hinted at. And many of those instrumental in the framing of our Constitution warned us of the dangers of 'party' politics.

   We The People established a Constitutional Republic and not a 'democratic' republic or a 'republican' republic. All that party politics accomplishes is DIVISION. Where each 'party' tries to get their own [perverse] way. As was noted by John Marshall [later Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court] in the Debates on our Constitution; "United We Stand, divided we fall". The perverse in 'power' of course know this fact. And they have left We The People and our Constitution in the dust while pursuing their own perverse lusts. This can no longer  be tolerated. 'Party' politics has NO sanction in our Constitutional Republic. The Supreme Law is the ONLY thing that should be pursued in our intended Constitutional Republic.

   We need to hit the reset switch on our system of government, and soon. We must, or our hired servants will end up enslaving us.

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