Friday, July 01, 2016

'All of the previous 'laws' didn't work. But THIS one will!!'

   How utterly stupid is the idea expressed in the headline? Yet that is precisely what our hired servants suggest will solve our problems. Never once do they suggest that perhaps following the Constitution will solve the problem. Instead they insist that their repeated violations of the Supreme Law are the answer. Yet their 'answers' repeatedly fail to solve the problem. And, in fact, generally only make the problem worse than before. History itself proves that beyond all shadow of doubt.

   We The People of the United States were intended to be armed against all enemies; foreign or domestic. The right to do so was ranked to be of such high importance that it was Constitutionally secured. And this against any infringement by the hired servants within our governments. The right was specifically removed from their delegated authority or power. They have no say over it PERIOD.

   Our governments were expressly delegated limited authority and power over the "common defense". But the idea that the authority or power that had already been delegated in the original Constitution. Was actually intended to extend over the right of We The People to keep and bear our own personal arms in Self-Defense, was expressly and intentionally Constitutionally removed. That fact is made quite clear by a number of men that were instrumental in framing our Constitution and Bill of Rights. So much so, that any argument to the contrary has no real validity whatsoever.

   You cannot argue against the actual facts. Regardless of how much you don't like those facts. A fact is still a FACT. And no amount of side-stepping, conjecture or opinion will ever alter the actual FACT. Just as repetition of a lie will never make a lie the truth, however many times the lie is repeated. It was, is and always will be a lie. And nothing can change that fact. Nothing will ever change the fact that it is; "the right of the people to keep and bear arms". And, that the right to do so "shall NOT be infringed." Don't like it? To bad. Get used to it, because that right isn't going anywhere. Other than back to the way it was originally intended that is.

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