Sunday, July 03, 2016

Foolish liberals/democrats. Your whining for even further infringements is establishing a very dangerous precedent...

   Our government was not only not delegated any authority or power to enact any 'law' which contravenes the inalienable natural right of We The People having arms for our own individual defense. But they were EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN by our Constitution from doing any such thing.

   But the liberal/democrat whining has afforded the tyrants in power the plausible excuse for violating our Constitution, seemingly at will. Thus establishing the precedent, that if it can be done with one right. Then they are certainly free to do the same will all of our other rights.

   The fact that the tyrants in power have spent such a long period of time and effort at restricting or removing the right and means to defense. Should cause a thinking person to pause and consider as to the reasons why they are doing it.

   It should be kept in mind, that the direct cause for all of our current woes are the unconstitutional liberal/democrat 'gun control laws' and other perversions already perpetrated. For had We The People been armed as Constitutionally intended, then the vast majority of these 'mass shootings' would have never happened to begin with.

   The first and foremost reason for the liberal/democrat infringements. Is to remove the one right that was intended to prevent them from destroying all of the others. For if they have the knowledge that We The People will indeed resist them. Then that provides enough of a deterrent to keep them from even daring to encroach on the others.

   But, since they have been so successful of their infringements in the past. It has provided the impetus for them to continue on down that dark and sinister road. And have they not done that very thing? What Constitutionally secured right have they not already violated? Every single one of our rights has been violated in one form or another. Rights which were Constitutionally intended to be REMOVED from any 'authority' or 'power' of government to begin with. Have been disregarded - every single last Constitutional protection that was set in place.

   The foolish liberals/democrats think that things "change", and that our Constitution is "living" and "breathing". That it can be altered at will, or worse - disregarded. When in fact, our Constitution is based upon, as Mr. Madison put it: "the transcendent laws of nature and of nature's God". [See: Federalist No. 43] The laws of nature NEVER change. Nor does the state of fallen human nature. In fact, if history is any time of barometer, human nature only grows more diabolical. The horrific events of the last century bear stark testimony of that fact. Our Constitution was framed with the intent of controlling the dark side of human nature. Especially in order to keep unbridled 'power' in check. And it was made extremely difficult to amend in order to keep the "tyranny of the [misguided] majority" in check.

   By circumventing the bounds of our Constitution, prompted by the incessant whining of the liberal/democrat crowd. A very dangerous precedent has been established which can very well lead to the entire overthrow of the "Supreme Law of the land". As well as all of the rights that the "Supreme Law" is intended to secure.

   If liberals/democrats actually think that their handlers will remember them once they have seized complete control. Then it is painfully obvious that they have forgotten the lessons of history. For unbridled 'power' honors NOTHING. All that it will do is sweep away anything in its path that it perceives to be a threat. Which of course includes those that helped them to arrive at that level of 'power' to begin with. This same scenario has been played out over and over again all throughout the recorded history of mankind.

   At first glance, it certainly would appear as if the liberals/democrats are committing political suicide. As had been done after the Clintoon 'brady bill' and 'assault weapons ban'. But keep in mind what happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco. As these cowardly and murderous traitors can be very deadly indeed. Nothing is as it first appears to be with these venomous snakes. They ALWAYS have a hidden agenda. And they have been 'playing' We The People like a violin for decades now. They are masters of [dis]illusion.

   Liberals/democrats, you have no idea what you are doing. You are in fact establishing your own destruction. Unfortunately, you are dragging the rest of us down with you. Which the true American patriots cannot and will not allow. You have made yourselves our "domestic" enemies. And it is not only our right, but our duty to put you down. If you keep pushing, then very soon We, the real People of the United States of America, are going to push back.

   Many of us have been preparing for this inevitable event for years. Some of us even for decades. And the harder you push, the angrier we are becoming. Would strongly suggest that you liberals/democrats study some history. For when a people become enraged and have finally been pushed to their limits. Then the results are usually not very pretty. And bear in mind, that many innocents will undoubtedly suffer because of your cowardly treason. You know, such as your families and fellow liberals/democrats. We will strip you of EVERYTHING that you possess and send you packing - or worse. Just as our forebears did to the treasonous 'tories' [modern day liberals] of their day.

   All that you liberals/democrats have succeeded in doing, is awakening the "sleeping giant", And that giant gets very pissed off when it is roused from its nap.

   You have been warned.

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