Saturday, July 02, 2016

How is it that so many in the media do not understand?

   If the tyrants in our government are successful in severely restricting or removing the right to keep and bear arms. Then the very next right that they will go after is the right to free speech and free press [media]. And that the role that the press is playing in assisting in this tyranny will not be remembered by the tyrants in [supposed] 'power'. This has been proven to be the case over and over again throughout history. Which is the very reason why the right to free speech and press was demanded to be Constitutionally secured to begin with.

   The right to keep and bear arms is intended to support and defend all of the other rights that are [supposedly] secured. And if that right is permitted to be 'controlled' by government. Then soon all of the other rights will be 'controlled' as well. Which is precisely why those rights were Constitutionally intended to be removed from ALL government 'control'. In the true Constitutional light, we can only be punished for the abuse or criminal misuse of those rights. But our governments are expressly denied the authority or power to interfere with them in any way, shape or form. If we admit that some form of 'control' is necessary. Then that defeats the whole purpose of having secured them from government interferences to begin with. How is this simple fact not understood?

   All one has to do is consider what the communists and Nazi's did to their people last century. Immediately after seizing 'power' those regimes squashed free speech and press. In addition to disarming their populations, and then going on genocidal mass murder sprees. Which were intended on wiping out all real or imagined opposition to those regimes.

   By the media taking a part in the promotion of this unconstitutional madness - 'gun control'. They are in fact planting the seed of their own demise. If they actually think that the corrupt in 'power' will remember their assistance in gaining complete control. Then they are in for a really big surprise. For "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". And tyrants frequently forget or destroy those that helped them into power to begin with. The only loyalty that those in 'power' have is to themselves. And frequently not even that. Consider Nero fiddling while Rome burned. And Hitler retreating into his bunker while Germany was bombed back into the stone age. Then putting his gun in his mouth and blowing his brains out.

   Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. 300 MILLION died last century due to corrupt governments. How many deaths will the press be directly responsible for in this century? When will the "watchdog of Liberty" return to its intended role here in America? And stop being a mere 'tool' in the hands of those attempting to betray us?

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