Friday, July 08, 2016

The TRUE remedy is for We The People to STAND UP and DEMAND obedience to our Constitution and the Rights Secured by that SUPREME instrument

   Anything else; 'laws' [contrary to the Supreme Law], 'opinions', 'orders', 'regulations', 'statistics', etc. Are nothing more than just mere moot points. Which have been deliberately put forward in order to distract us from adherence to the "Supreme Law". If any of the aforementioned are in contradiction or in actual violation of the "Supreme Law", then they have no true validity whatsoever. They are nothing more than useless and vain exercises; of either idle speculation or actual perverse departure from that "Supreme Law". We The People need to stop being drawn away by all of these errant exercises in futility. And instead force the continual return to that which is "Supreme", rather than observing and blindly obeying that which is not.

   We have arrived at the regrettable point which we presently find ourselves. Directly due to departures from the Supreme Law that have been perpetrated by both the hired servants in our government(s). As well as by the people that prompt and push those hired servants to depart from it. Their supposed 'solutions', which have been demanded and enacted into 'law'. Have in all actual reality proven to be, in fact, the direct cause of most of the problems that we have currently. Yet the very ones that have perpetrated these violations of our Supreme Law, and which have caused all of these current day problems. Will by no means admit their mistakes. Rather, they have the gall to suggest that even further departures from the Supreme Law. Will indeed solve the very problems first created by their original departures to begin with. Which line of faulty reasoning can be compared to that of a person hitting themselves on the head with a hammer. In order to dull the pain from a previous head injury. Is that not precisely what has and is being done? And are We The People going to continue to allow it? If so, why? Are we gluttons for punishment? Do we even have the slightest particle of the idea of true freedom and liberty remaining in us? Or has the fire of liberty been totally extinguished by our perverse hired servants in government. And the equally detestable sycophants among We The People ourselves that prop them up?

   Can it indeed be proven by demonstration of credible and substantiated factual data. That any of the previous Constitutionally repugnant 'gun control laws' have fulfilled the purpose for which they had first [supposedly] been enacted? No, it most certainly cannot. The actual facts conclusively show that all those 'laws' had accomplished was nothing more than to make matters even worse. And that enacting even more unconstitutional laws can hardly be expected to reverse that historically proven trend. This vicious cycle needs to come to an end, and can no longer be permitted or tolerated in We The People's Constitutional Republic. The only way of stopping it and undoing the damage that has been done. Is by returning to what really, and Constitutionally, works. Which is of course done by returning to obedience to the Constitution and the limitations imposed on our hired servants in government by that Supreme Law. It is not only our right to demand that this is done. But a duty that we owe to ourselves, our predecessors, and our posterity.

   Again, we must not continue to permit our Constitution to be treated as a dead letter. We must stand up and DEMAND that it be actually adhered to as the Supreme Law of the land. We need to make it absolutely clear that:
   "Until the people have, by some solemn and authoritative act, annulled or changed the established form [the Constitution], it is binding upon themselves collectively, as well as individually: and no presumption, or even knowledge of their sentiments, can warrant their representatives in a departure from it, prior to such an act. But it is easy to see, that it would require an uncommon portion of fortitude in the judges to do their duty as faithful guardians of the constitution, where legislative invasions of it had been instigated by the major voice of the community."--Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist No. 78, Saturday, June 14, 1788.
   We have seen how that the 'judges' obviously don't take their solemn oaths seriously. It is therefore up to We The People to DEMAND that they do. Both the judges and every other hired servant within our governments. As well as those among We The People ourselves that attempt to throw off the bounds of the Supreme Law. We MUST enforce obedience, or any hope of true freedom and liberty will soon be forever removed. And We The People will be nothing more than slaves in what once was; “the land of the free and the home of the brave."

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