Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Treasonous democratic party removes Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution from their party platform

   Much of the following has been published here before. However due to the current further outright treason being displayed by the democratic party. It seems only necessary to publish it again:
   The people that have betrayed us were able to accomplish their treason, in part, by having We The People under a continuous ‘state of national emergency’ since March 9, 1933. [See: U.S. Senate Report 93-549, which states: “That since March 09, 1933 the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency.”] (Which coincidentally, is the same exact thing that had been done under Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany in 1933). This ‘proclamation’, (No. 2039), was declared by the highly treasonous quasi-communistic President Franklin D. Roosevelt, (a Democrat). The declared national emergency has never been revoked, and has even been codified into the US Code (12 U.S.C. 95a and b). And presidents Clinton [Democrat], George W. Bush, and Obama [Democrat] have all extended and/or expanded upon this perversion.

   Another remarkable event done by the U.S. government that resembles the Nazi’s. Is the 1968 Gun Control Act. Which was enacted and passed by a Democratic Party controlled congress. And signed into ‘law’ by a President which was also a Democrat. This ‘Act’ bears an amazing likeness to both the Gun Control act enacted by the Weimar Republic in Germany in 1928, and the Nazi gun law of 1938. Which resulted in a nationwide seizure of the weapons of their polical opponents, (and Jews), by the Nazi government. The Nazi’s were able to confiscate these weapons using the registration records that were required in the earlier Gun Control act of 1928. What is even more sickening, is that prior to those German ‘gun control laws‘. The American Army Of Occupation had disarmed the German civilian population in Dec. 1918. [President Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, was Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Army at the time.] Thereby making it impossible for the German people to resist the rise of the Nazi Party into power. For the U.S. forces occupied post World War I Germany until Jan. 24, 1923. So they had to have known about the Nazi’s. (For the Nazi Party was formed in 1920, and Hitler became leader of the party in 1921). Are We The People going to permit such a repeat of history here?

   The same traitor, (F.D.R.), is also the one which signed into ‘law’ the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934, and the Federal Firearms Act of 1938, (the same year as the Nazi’s ‘gun control act’). And those aren’t the only similarities the American Democratic party have with Nazi Germany by far.--RightToBeArmed.org homepage
   The treasonous democratic party's history of treason goes back much further as well:
Federal ‘Gun Control’ laws:
1934 National Firearms Act – Democrat
1938 Federal Firearms Act – Democrat
1968 Gun Control Act – Democrat
1994 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act – Democrat
   And it is not just on the Federal level:
#1 California – Democrat
#2 New Jersey – Democrat
#3 Massachusetts – Democrat
#4 New York – Democrat
#5 Connecticut – Democrat
#6 Hawaii – Democrat
#7 Maryland – Democrat
#8 Rhode Island – Democrat
#9 Illinois – Democrat
#10 Pennsylvania – Democrat
1. Detroit, Michigan – Democrat
2. Memphis, Tennessee – Independent
3. Oakland, California – Democrat
4. St. Louis, Missouri – Democrat
5. Birmingham, Alabama – Democrat
6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Democrat
7. Baltimore, Maryland – Democrat
8. Cleveland, Ohio – Democrat
9. Stockton, California – Republican
10. Indianapolis, Indiana – Democrat
   And, almost all American ‘gun control laws’, (including “permits”), have their roots in old Democrat ‘laws’ enacted in order to restrict or prohibit arms in the hands of slaves.--
Party's on 'Gun Control'
   This treasonous party is obviously an overt enemy to the freedom and liberty our forebears had spilled their blood, sweat and tears to secure for us. And any American citizen that votes for this party is equally as guilty of treason. We need to remove this party from off of the American landscape. Otherwise we will end up like communist China, Nazi Germany, or the old Soviet Union. This is an election year, so let's send the message LOUD and CLEAR.

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