Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Alpha and Omega King James Modernized Version Reference Study Bible - Old Covenant Completed w/expanded References through Matt. 19 , and significant additions and revisions

   The Old Covenant is now completed in the new format. References have been expanded through the 19th chapter of Matthew. There have been quite a few additions and revisions done as well. The file is in PDF format and is now 39.50 MB in size. It can be downloaded

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Alpha and Omega K.J.M.V. Reference Study Bible - w/expanded References through Matthew 18, and a significant addition and changes

   The section Called by His Name has been added. This section provides all of the definitions of the names of people and places in the Old Covenant which contain any reference to YEHÔVAH. The format of the work is in the process of being changed as well. This process involves the elimination of separation between verses within chapters. (However the verse numbers are retained for easy reference.) This will restore the Word of God more closely to the format in which it was originally written. As well as assisting in the ability to maintain the train of meaning/thought while reading. The process has been completed through II Samuel so far. The file is in PDF format, now 38.27 MB in size, and can be downloaded

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Now THIS was a big surprise . . .

   The meaning of the word Delivered as it appears in Hebrew in the Old Covenant:
חָלַץ/châlats/khaw-lats' - A primitive root; to pull off; hence (intensively) to strip, (reflexively) to depart; by implication to deliver, equip (for fight); present, strengthen: - arm (self), (go, ready) armed (X man, soldier), deliver, draw out, make fat, loose, (ready) prepared, put off, take away, withdraw self. [Strong’s # H2502]

Monday, August 01, 2016

The Alpha and Omega K.J.M.V. Reference Study Bible - w/expanded References through Matthew 17 & Major changes

   Both JEHOVAH and Jehoshua were changed to the original Hebrew language translations; YEHÔVAH and Yehôshua‛, as those are the correct pronunciations of both names. In addition there has been another section added entitled "The Holy One". The file is in PDF format, (now 36mb), and can be downloaded