Friday, May 05, 2006

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Recently came across an article that was posted on Keep and Bear Arms called "Do We Need More Second Amendment "Judicial Activism"? that is posted on
It seems has a 'News & Issues' section with page(s) having their own versions concerning our 'Civil Liberties'. A particularly interesting aspect about this is that they have references to the ACLU on the page(s). One of these pages is evidently devoted to their version of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights attached to the United States Constitution. And we all know what champions the American Civil Liberties Union is, (Communist liberties, perhaps), on the individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
It seems this is one, among the many new trolling methods, for the Anti-Gun agenda. It is yet another ruse employed to undermine and deliberately confuse the Truth concerning our God-given Right. The particular 'Civil Liberties' page on is run by someone named Tom Head. As you will find by reading the article, Mr. 'Head' is in dire need of having his own head professionally examined. For his ideas plainly gel with the ACLU, who claim the 'Right' is a 'collective', (as in Communist Party Collective), one.
Anyways, I refuted Mr. 'Head's supposition in a number of responses to the article. Went back to the post to see if there had been any additional posts following the ones I had left. And much to my surprise, they had altered the links in my name which would lead to the proof(s) I had contended. To my way of thinking that is the ultimate in cowardice and perversion. They spew forth their suppositions. And then someone comes along proving them wrong and they alter the links to the proofs.
In addition, on the next Second Amendment article posted on, they have removed the ability of posting replies. Cowards. One thing for sure, is now on my 'list'. And I shall do my utmost to ensure that everyone is made aware of their subversive activity. These people are a clear and present danger to True Liberty.


Unalienable Rights said...

Excellent research. I truly enjoyed The Contended Amendment and would like to reprint it on my site with your gracious permission and with a linkback of course.

You may find a signature article of mine to your liking: "What Makes An Unalienable Right Unalienable?"

In summary, our rights are not unalienable unless they come from God - what man can grant, man can take away. No man has the power to deprive anything which authority resides upon the throne of Heaven.

I'm just as angry as you about these continual usurpations. These politicians are continually eroding our rights and they must be stopped.

I have found your site very informative. I also see that you run Amendment II. That is a site I have blogrolled. I found this site throught the 101st Fighting Keyboardists.

Sempre Fi - Soli Deo Gloria.

E. David Quammen said...

Thank you for your kind words. It helps to know that efforts are not falling on deaf ears.

Have placed links to your site, (excellent! BTW), on three pages of the main site as well as two of the blogs.

Keep up the good work! All people concerned with preservation of our God-given Rights need to unite. We need to send a strong Unified message to the Usurpers. That we refuse to relinquish ANY of our Rights and we are taking back that which has been infringed upon.

We are a Republic! Not a communist or democratic state. We The People ARE the Legitimate and Ultimate Authority.

straightarrow said...

I am certainly proud of you, my friend.

E. David Quammen said...

Ditto with you as well SA! Ran across your comment on David's W.O.G. article concerning 'Blain'. Excellent rebuttal!

Our enemies are picking up another head of steam for the elections. We need to be prepared.

"In Deo speramus."
(In God we trust).