Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Check out LearnAboutGuns.com

From the authors website:

"Firearm information and politics from a gun rights perspective, with an emphasis on self defense rights."

"Welcome! This site is dedicated to preserving the individual right of law abiding citizens to possess firearms for self defense as well as sporting purposes. I created this site after recognizing the growing threat to our right to keep and bear arms, and hope to both dispel the myths surrounding guns and “gun crime“, as well as to provide useful information to those who already support firearms rights.

"I also hope to persuade those who don’t currently support gun rights, through the use of polite and well reasoned arguments, including information about why I have a gun. I firmly believe that polite debate, which focuses on the issues and facts rather than on personal attacks and hyperbole, is what we as a society need when it comes to issues such as gun rights.

"Information that may be helpful to people who are new to guns is available here too. This includes information on selecting a firearm for home defense, selecting the ammunition for home defense, firearms maintenance, legally purchasing a gun online, safe and responsible gun storage, reviews of various guns and accessories, etc...."

The gentleman regularly posts articles on actual instances of Armed Self Defense