Friday, May 26, 2006

Candidate Bill Montgomery for Arizona Attorney General has my vote....

Each story has a beginning and this is it. A friend of mine, whom is an ardent Second Amendment supporter and an attorney, E-Mailed me the following:

“I sent my $ 5.00 in. Let's pony up and get an AG, (Attorney General), that likes our RKBA. to download a form. If we don't pay, we don't play with our toys to the same untrammeled degree.”

Many of the people reading this here on KABA, already have a pretty good idea as to my feelings about politicians. Arizona is where I’ve lived for the last 15 years, and it is my desire to continue to do so. Anyone that has read any of the articles posted here on KABA, also knows my stance on the Second Amendment. So, I thought, why not find out the potential AG’s stance on the Second Amendment? And sent him the following;

Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 7:50 PM
Subject: Concerning the Second Amendment....

Dear Mr. Montgomery,

Am very active in the political arena, especially concerning the Bill of Rights. Specifically the Second Amendment. An attorney friend of mine forwarded me your information. Currently, I have a website and five Blogs. The website and three of the Blogs are geared strictly towards the Second Amendment;, (A collaborative effort with three other supporters).

The reason for mentioning this, is to lead into the following. I've done an extensive amount of research concerning the Second Amendment. And am working on a summary of the intention of this specific Right. The title of the document is The Right, and it is a work in progress. For it grows as I uncover more factual pertinent data concerning the Second Amendment. How a politician responds to this work is how I determine my support, or lack thereof, for the politician.

It has been published on Free Market News Network, whom publishes much of my writings. As well as twice on Keep and Bear Arms.

Am earnestly searching for those interested in serving We The People in the true Constitutional sense of the word. And am willing to put forth considerable public backing and support of a candidate whom will rightfully serve.

Are you one of those candidates, sir?

Await Your Reply,

E. David Quammen

I remember thinking, ‘Won’t be hearing back from him!’ And went about doing other things. In just a little over an hour later I get the following reply from Mr. Montgomery;

From: Montgomery4AG
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 9:00 PM
Subject: RE: Concerning the Second Amendment....

Mr. Quammen,

Thank you for your e-mail. Just a few observations of the work as published on the Free Market News Network: 1) I believe, in reading the Preamble to the Constitution and the status of the several states at the time of the constitutional convention following the abysmal experiment under the Articles of Confederation, that we the people delegated the authority to the federal government under the Constitution – not the Sates. Each State is a separate entity formed by the people therein at the time each state’s constitution was passed with the citizens reserving unto themselves and their respective states rights not specifically delegated to the federal government. Consequently, I do not think it’s entirely accurate to propose that the states were formed under the Constitution; 2) as an Amendment to the Constitution; I would not characterize the Second amendment as being “attached.” As an Amendment, it is part and parcel and inseparable from the Constitution no less than any one of the original Articles ( as you state thereafter); 3) since it is the responsibility and duty of government to safeguard the rights of citizens, and since our Constitution merely enumerates rights already held by the citizenry, the Constitution cannot grant any right – it merely enumerates those the government is charged with safeguarding; 4) I would not argue that the Federalist Papers are part of the Constitution. That argument would require authority showing that each ratifying convention explicitly adopted the Constitution with the Federalist Papers as an express “dictionary of terms.” Instead, the Federalist papers are the best source of expounding on the ideas expressed in the Constitution and how the drafters intended the ideas to be put into practice and the principles to be used in their application. Without torturing anyone unnecessarily with contract law, that is the best approach to using the Federalist Papers as support for arguments regarding constitutional provisions.

All that being said, I agree with your conclusions. With respect to related ideas, I supported the “Castle Doctrine” as passed and signed into law in Arizona. As a former prosecutor, I believe that bad guys will still be able to be prosecuted while good guys will not have to fear defending themselves, their families, or their property, let alone have to worry about civil suits from thugs. I also believe that mandatory registration of firearm, the ordinance passed in San Francisco, and the actions of government officials in New Orleans are all repugnant to the Second Amendment (second in order, not in class). Lastly, I have been endorsed by the NRA’s political victory fund.

In closing, I believe I am one of the candidates you’ve outlined. Please feel free to review my website at: and forward any questions/concerns. The only way for incumbents to be beaten is for citizens to be educated about the poor service they are receiving.


Bill Montgomery

OK, Bill, you now have my undivided attention! So I did go to his website and like what I see! Went to Bill’s website and discovered he graduated from West Point! Some of the best leaders we’ve ever had in our nation were military men. (+) Then I find out Bill was a Tank Platoon Leader in Operation Desert Storm and received a Bronze Star. (++) Really starting to like this Bill guy, I thought to myself. So, I responded to Bill’s reply;

Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 12:31 AM
To: Montgomery4AG
Subject: Re: Concerning the Second Amendment....

Hello, Bill, if I may,

Thank you for such a well thought reply! It is refreshing indeed. It may do you well to place a statement, concerning your views, not just specifically on the Second to be sure. But, of course, concerning all of our Rights, on your website. Announce yourself as a guardian of our rights and for justice.

There is a growing aversion to politicians, as well as all government, that is growing in our country each day. We The People are looking for those amongst our fellows that will make a stand for what is right. Am just relaying my own perceptions, however, I believe to have an accurate reading of the pulse of our nation.

We The People sense we are at a turning point in our nation. There appears to be a distinct move, on the part of the left, for even further departure from true Republican principles. And even more alarming, an appearance that the right is prepared to march along side with the left. To be honest, this trend is frightening.

I see that you are a family man. And that you honorably served our country. Thank you, sir. Come from a military family myself. Tested out to become a Naval aviator, after obtaining a corrective waiver for my eyesight. But made a mistake, which caused the opportunity to serve to pass me by. Am now attempting to serve my country and my God in another fashion.

Perceive that we are in some troubling times. And that we will need, now perhaps more than ever, people of faith, high moral character and decisive action. To help We The People see the mark of our true higher calling. And to stand for truth and be a light along the dim path. We have done it before and we can do it again. It takes the whole energy of the people. And a strong, considerate wisdom found in those in positions of authority.

With you being a graduate of West Point, I need not remind you of the importance of leadership. We need people that have an understanding of tactics and how to properly battle. For we are, after all, in a battle to save our Republic. In my minds eye, I perceive education of the populace to be key. Just posted the following linked article on the The author outlines the importance in keeping the people educated on their rights. A concept, I must say, that I am in agreement with.

Have noticed a seemingly prevailing attitude of Us vs. Them, in regards to We The People and government. And have been doing my utmost in shattering this misconception. We all, after everything is said and done, are Americans. Rich and poor, and everything in between, at all levels and stations in life. We are all citizens of these United States of America.

The theme throughout the website and blogs, is foundation principles. These principles are what helped us to achieve greatness to begin with. I have also noticed that many of the particulars the founders warned about, are transpiring with an alarming frequency. Am attempting to stem this tide with the knowledge of Freedom and Liberty. And that there are duties and responsibilities to being a citizen. That it will involve both the citizens and their representatives in government. In order for there to be a positive and harmonious American life once again.

If you could write a statement concerning your views on our rights. I would be more than happy to post it where I can and help spread the message for your campaign.

Are you familiar with J.T. Ready? He is running in the East Valley for Mesa City Council. Have had some contact with him and he seems to have a good platform.

Thank you again for such a timely and well thought response. Wish you well in your campaign, and if I can be of any assistance, please - don't hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,

E. David Quammen

Get up this morning and low and behold, find the following in my In box;

Statement on Rights:

It is the fundamental duty and obligation of government to protect and safeguard the rights of its citizens. In fulfilling this obligation, constant vigilance and fidelity to the Rule of Law is paramount for no government can maintain legitimacy by excusing the violation of civil rights with the claim that such action is necessary to protect civil rights. As the next Attorney General of Arizona, I pledge to insure that the civil rights of every Arizonan are respected, protected, and safeguarded. We cannot fulfill the promises of freedom and opportunity espoused in our federal founding documents and our own state constitution without a commitment to “justice for all.”

Bill Montgomery
Republican Candidate
Arizona Attorney General

Bill has my vote! And it would be a good thing that all citizens in Arizona, whom value their rights, give Bill their vote of confidence! Note to self - I wonder if we can clone Bill and get him in all over the country?
With the way things are looking in our country presently. It would be wise for all Americans concerned with their rights to get actively involved in finding and supporting good candidates. Our very freedom, and that of future generations, depends on it! Directly ask them where they stand, before giving support or your precious vote!

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