Sunday, July 16, 2006

We The People's 'Battle Weapons'....

The 1st and 2nd Amendments are We The People's primary battle weapons. We MUST not allow further encroachments on them. Even if the attack is against our worst enemies. We must do everything in our power, to regain them and protect them from further encroachment.
The founders of our country were well aware of this fact, as evidenced by the patriot Thomas Paine;
"He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself."
- Dissertation on First Principles of Government.
Government tactics, such as the 'Homeland Security Act', and other acts and laws that have a certain plausability of ''safety' to them. 'Gun Control' laws would fall into this classification, for instance. They all have the same distinct odor, as the ploys employed by the Nazi's in their rise to absolute power. Whether the ploy is based on real or perceived danger(s). The end of these acts is the same, they always are used to restrict or negate rights and liberties.
Honestly consider the following, if you will. Sept. 11th would have been second page news, about some idiots who tried to hijack planes, and were stopped by armed citizens. Of course, that would have been the case, had the citizens been armed as was intended by the United States Constitution.
Prior to the aforementioned 'Act', in fact up until the time of WWII, the armed American citizen was the true 'Homeland Security'. This fact needs to become reality once again, our freedoms and liberties have an absolute dependence upon it.
Better it is to be at liberty, facing the real or perceived danger, and have the means of negating that danger. Than to have no liberty and no means, at all, of protection from the REAL danger - an usurping government. For, true it is, that tyrannical governments are responsible for more deaths than ANY other source known to man. Hitler, Mao and Stalin, are prime examples. And they are not the first ones. There are many, many more examples, all throughout the history of man.
It's a maxim that power corrupts, if left to it's own devices and unchecked. The 1st and 2nd Amendments are We The People's 'checks' and they must never be allowed to be departed from. We not only owe it to ourselves, but to the memories of those whom obtained our Freedoms and Liberties to begin with. As well as, to those whom will rise up after us. It is our Right and our duty as American citizens, and as human beings.


Strehlem said...

Excellent Essay...

Have you considered submitting them to some of the usual pro-rights magazines for publication?

That might improve your on-line activity and get you more comments.

May I quote this for a project of my own if I credit you?

E. David Quammen said...

Sure bud, no problem. My whole object is to get our rights back unhindered. Anything that can make that happen - I'm all for it.

Don't spend much time looking to get things published, because I'm working on the main website;

Trying to cover our right from every last imaginable angle. Also spend time refuting news articles that portray our right in a false light. It keeps me busy.....