Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NEW ORLEANS, February 14, 1862

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Dear Sir:
The accompanying address to the people of Louisiana has been prepared for the purpose of inducing them to deliver up their arms to the use of the State. I wish it read to such persons as it is likely to produce a good effect upon. I beg you to act in this matter as my agent. Collect all the firearms you can, and forward them to me at New Orleans. I most urgently request you, as a good and reliable citizen, to proceed promptly and earnestly to this work, and to send to me immediately every gun you may obtain.
You will give a receipt to every one who delivers you a gun, which will bind me to return the same in the like condition in which I receive it, or to pay full value for it. To every gun attach a card with the name of the person to whom it belongs, and the parish in which he resides.
Your obedient servant,
Tho. Q. Moore
Wow, what a change from the current situation, eh? First he asks politely. Second, he promises return or payment. And third, he admits he's a SERVANT.
That's odd, I don't see anything about a background check in there at all....

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