Friday, November 10, 2006

An American Patriot and Fellow Believer has been Arrested.....

Hollis "Wayne" Fincher of the Militia of Washington County Arkansas has been arrested by ATF and local 'authorities'. The charges appear to related to the clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL 1934 Usurpation Act. The article is posted on Keep and Bear Arms this weekend.
Wayne declares to the Usurpers the intent of the Militia of Washington County. And did not hide the purposes for establishing the militia in the slightest. And why should he? He is following the clearly defined intention of the Founders of our country. Only a court that is perversely, and Unconstitutionally ruling could possibly find him guilty. He has violated no TRULY Constitutional law. For proof of this, see Federalist #28, #29, and #46.
Our Constitution, with the inserted Bill of Rights, IS the TRUE Supreme Law of the United States of America. All 'gun control' legislation, whether it's passed by local, state or federal legislation, is Constitutionally Repugnant, and therefore - Null and Void. And this, according to the TRUE rule of American Constitutional Law. And NOTHING, that nine feces-flinging monkeys with black robes and gavels in their paws, 'stare-decisis-ly' decide can change that FACT.
May God bless and help Wayne in his trial and tribulation. My hat is certainly off to him, and I salute him for what he has done. He is showing himself to be a TRUE American Patriot in the finest sense of the word. Hopefully, a Constitutional attorney, or Gun Organization will rise to the occasion for his defense.
Good thing he was arrested at this point and time. Had the democrats been fully seated, and in 'control', a Patriot probably would have been murdered....


JR said...

Maybe we will get a chance to see just how "constructionist" our two newest SCOTUS judges really are.

I have not been this hopeful in quite awhile.

E. David Quammen said...

When I saw the beauty of what he was really doing. It made me hopeful, as well.In addition, to having a LOT of respect for him.

He clearly planned this out. Unless I'm mistaken, he has even more of his ducks in a row than what we know presently. This guy has his act together.

Say a little prayer for him bud. The man has courage to battle the beast. That fact alone merits respect and honor.Based upon what I've gathered so far. He can truly be considered a modern day Patriotic hero.