Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well now, what have we here....

It appears that the NRA is preparing to Negotiate our God-given Natural and Inalienable Right Away - again. Ran across this Newsweek article titled; "Taking Aim at Mental Health Records". Following are a few excerpts from the article by Michael Isikoff, dated April 24, 2007:

"But Lapierre nonetheless says the group is now working with longtime ally Rep. John Dingell, Democrat of Michigan, on a bill to ensure that mental-health records—such as the December 2005 court order directing Cho to receive a psychiatric evaluation—are entered into a FBI database that is used for background checks of gun buyers....."

“"Our position on this is crystal clear: If you are adjudicated by a court to be mentally defective, suicidal, a danger to yourself or to others, you should be prohibited from
buying a firearm,” said LaPierre, who oversees the powerful gun lobby’s political operations. “The federal law is pretty clear on this. He [Cho] should have been in the [FBI] data base.”"

- quoting NRA Executive V.P. Wayne LaPierre.

Then comes the icing on the cake, from Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D - NY) and her dealings with the NRA;

"...McCarthy told NEWSWEEK that she was pleasantly surprised to hear of the NRA’s public position, noting that an executive of the Gun Owners of America had met with House Republicans this week to gin up opposition to her measure. “I have a feeling that this is their [the NRA’s} way of showing they can be moderate,” she said. (A McCarthy aide said that when the congresswoman's staff members met with NRA lobbyists last January about her proposed measure, the NRA officials said they would not publicly support it unless language was added that would eliminate the existing ban on interstate purchases of firearms. No such language has been added, the aide said.)"Still, McCarthy said today she thought LaPierre’s public statement would buck up House Democratic leaders who have been extremely averse to any measure that might be labeled as gun control. “Their knees are shaking constantly,” McCarthy said about her party’s leaders in the House. “They are scared of anything that might be controversial on gun issues.”"
I'm sure that it's not just me that feels that we obviously have a problem here.....
However, there was one bright spot from the article;
“This looks like an enormously expensive, extremely intrusive, extremely stigmatizing approach to a tragic situation,” Dr. Nada Stotland, vice president of the psychiatric association, the largest group representing the nation’s psychiatrists, said of the McCarthy bill. “It is unconscionable to restrict people’s civil rights because they have a medical illness....”

Way to go, Doc! You have helped in partially revising my previous opinion of the medical profession! Although Doc, I do have to tell you that it is a Natural Inherent Right, not a "civil" one....


Anonymous said...

I would like to donate some money to that woman. We must stand against this infringement of our rights. To hell with the Judas National Rifle Association. Sic semper tyrannis! Molon labe!

E. David Quammen said...

No doubt Mike. Now, if we can just get a few more million of us to agree.....

Jay said...

Years ago, a friend told me that the NRA would some day sell out gun owners and agree to a total gun ban. The only way you could "own" guns and use guns would be at an NRA-owned facility, where they would be permanently stored.

When he told me this, I thought he was on drugs.

Now I realize he simply paid attention and had foresight.

Looks like the loony left has finished their complete infiltration of the NRA. What a shame. And what a sham.

E. David Quammen said...

Jay said - Looks like the loony left has finished their complete infiltration of the NRA. What a shame. And what a sham.

Indeed, however the NRA was started by present government employees (at that time) and former ones. It is my belief that this type of perversion has been planned all along. There is plenty indication of it in historical writings. As well as right out of the NRA's own lips.

Those that hate the intended system have been around since even before it was adopted. And, have done their best at underming it in every way that they can.

Anonymous said...

I thought the NRA was going to compromise away our 2nd Amendment rights, but now its 07-23-2014, and they have stood firm. I think they would have cooperated with the gun control whackos, but WE the People let the NRA know that the slightest compromise was unacceptable. The NRA listened to us, and I believe, were instrumental in every piece of gun control legislation that was proposed. I'm thankful the NRA didn't make the same mistake they did in 1968.