Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Neither are the Inhabitants to be stopped or impeded . . . unless they are armed"


To be observed during the Time of Fires by the Inhabints.

UPON the Discovery of a Fire, Notice is to be given as usual, by the Ringing of Bells, and the Cry of Fire in the Streets, at which Time the Regiments will immediately get under Arms on their regimental Parades, and wait there for further Orders, unless when a Fire may break out in the Quarters of a Regiment; and in that Case the Corps is to quit the Place, to make Room for the Inhabitants who are to repair to the Fire with all the Buckets in their Possession, to give their Assistance, every House-holder putting up a Light in a Front Window; a Caution to be observed upon all Alarms whatever.

All Persons failing so to do will be punished in a most examplary Manner.

The Bells are not to ring for the Alarm more than one Quarter of an Hour.

The Fire Wards, the Engine Masters, and Men acting under them, are not to be interrupted by any Officer, or Soldier in the Execution of their Duty--The Firewards, known by red painted Staffs with Heads of Brass, are to have the whole Management and Conduct of the Engines and People assembled to extinguish a Fire.

Neither are the Inhabitants to be stopped or impeded in Time of Fires by the Military unless they are armed, in which Case they are to be taken into Custody.

All the Associated Companies, from the essential Service they may be of, are to attend the Fires without Arms: the Royal North British Volunteers excepted, who have been already appointed to a particular Duty with Arms.

Women belonging to the Army will not be allowed to be present at any Fires that may happen.
A Premium of twenty Shillings Sterling will be given to the Men who bring the first Engine, and work it at the Fire.

The Firewards are to take into their Possession all Buckets found in vacated Houses, and to distribute them among the residing Inhabitants.

GIVEN at Head-Quarters in Boston, this eighteenth Day of November, 1775.


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