Saturday, July 06, 2013

"and ultimately by giving them the right to bear arms"

Appeal by the Law and Order Party of Kansas Territory to their friend in the South.

"...Without sugar, cotton and cheap clothing, can civilization maintain its progress--can these be supplied without slavery: nay, in the absence of slavery institutions, must not social distinctions supervene among the free to the detriment of republican equality. This is no mere property question, but a great social and political question of races: it is not a question of whether A or B shall be owner, but of whether the slave, still having a master, shall still be a working bee and not an idle drone in the hive: a question of whether the South shall still be a land flowing with milk and honey, or a land of mendicants and vagabonds: a great question of races: a question of whether we shall sink to the level of the freed African and take him to the embrace of social and political equality and fraternity: for such is the natural end of Abolition progress. Fanaticism must defend its beneficiaries first, by sending the Federal army to protect them, and ultimately by giving them the right to bear arms, vote, testify, make and administer laws in short, the right to eat out our substance, to pull us down to their level, to taint our blood and bring us to a degradation from which no time can redeem us. Thus radical and marked the difference in theory, between the two parties, and not less so, their difference in practice; while we, in good faith, sustain and uphold the laws, the Abolitionist, on the other hand, in effect, repudiate and sets them at defiance; With open disloyally they assert the invalidity of the Territorial laws, while they render our national insignia only the mockery of a hollow respect indeed, more than once they have openly resisted the Marshal in the service of processes, and in some places their organised armed resistance to the Territorial laws is so overwhelming, that ministers of the law there never attempt the discharge of their official duties: they have repudiated payment of taxes, and have held and published the proceedings of large public meetings, in which they resolved to resist, even to blood, the Territorial laws, and especially the laws for the collection of public revenue...."

- Squatter Sovereign, Atchison, Kansas Territory, Tuesday, July 15, 1856. Vol. 2. No. 18. Pg. 2

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