Saturday, July 06, 2013

"it must protect its beneficiaries by giving them the right to bear arms"

"...We copy a portion of Maj. Buford's address, and recommend it to the attention of our readers:

   "Is there indeed no public spirit, no enthusiasm left us? If a foreign enemy was approaching oar borders merely to take our property, or to establish a different form of government, and one under which our civilization and social position would not materially retrogade, still every one would fly. to arms, and give his last dollar and last drop of blood to repel the invader; and yet we could regain property, or reform a bad government; but a social degradation can never be redeemed. And this degradation abolitionism is; threatening us with; for it cannot stop short of universal freedom, equality and fraternity, and, when it emancipates, it must protect its beneficiaries by giving them the right to bear arms, to vote, to testify, to make laws, nay, by sending the federal army to defend them, and to fight their battles...."

- The Kansas Herald of Freedom, Saturday, February 02, 1856. Number 50--Volume I. Pg. 1.

  "Are we prepared to become the serfs of foreign intermeddlers and masters? Are we prepared to sink to the level of the Ethiopian, and clasp him in the fond embrace of political and social equality and fraternity? For to this Abolition unstayed must come. Fanaticism must send its beneficiaries; first, by sending the federal army to protect them, and ultimately by giving them the right to bear arms, to vote, testify, make and administer laws--to eat out your substance, to pull you down to their level, to to taint the blood of your posterity, and bring it to a degradation from which millions of ages cannot redeem it."

- Edgefield Advertiser, Edgefield, S.C., Febuary 6, 1856. Vol. XXI.--No. 4. Pg. 1.
And yet again we see how despicable racism played a major role in undermining our right....

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