Thursday, July 04, 2013

One of the first instigators of treason against our right to arms unveiled:

The Gun Toter

THE law enforcement committee of the American Bar Association has made a report demanding that the American pistol go the way of John Barleycorn. Sooner or later the gun must go. But when it is going and after it is gone we shall hear a lot of fool talk about depriving men of their constitutional right to "bear arms" and of the encroachment upon personal liberty, and we shall be told that, this is another attempt to make men good by law. Yet the gun as it is now used in American life is a net loss. It provokes murder, encourages banditry, defends the professional crook and endangers the lives of honest men wherever it is used. The gun is a social waste, a legal menace and its use marks the moral bankrupt. Where it once is used in self-defense, it is used a thousand times by cowards to hide their weakness, and by villains to promote their evil designs. The manufacture and sale of the great, American family pistol should be first regulated, then controlled and eventually prohibited. Call it sumptuary legislation; admit that it is a confession of our national bankruptcy in fundamental morality, but swat the gun toter and make his life a burden. Of course, there will he bootleggers, and, of course, contraband guns will be sold, and men will be killed with them, but nevertheless, when the gun becomes an outcast in American commerce 90 per cent of its evil influence will be gone.

- New York Tribune, Sunday, August 20, 1922. Vol. LXXXII No. 27,671 Pg. 56.
   Obviously the 'bar association' gave the matter some more thought afterwards. And came to the realization they would make a LOT more money by playing games with our right. Which they have steadfastly carried out for almost the last 100 years. We The People have been, and are continuing to be, SCAMMED. Many, (most?), of these vipers could care less about our constitution. And even less about our rights. Under the guise of 'concern for public safety', this den of thieves has made MILLIONS. While at the same time lessening the risk of being made to pay for their treason. By shackling We The People in the exercise of our [supposedly] constitutionally secured right. Oh, and let us not forget the role that the news media played in the ongoing treason....

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