Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Bill to Amend the City Charter

"...Knowing, as we do, the inflammable nature of the material which surrounds us, and believing that only the greatest care and caution can keep the negroes from compelling the white citizens to take up arms in self-defence, we do hope that the bill amending the city charter will be promptly returned to the House, with the objections if the Governor. The bill is unnecessary, because Mayor CLARK can well fill the chair of chief magistrate until the time of the regular elections in November; it is unwise, because it forces Charleston to pass through the throes of a hotly contested municipal election in September, to be followed by a still more exciting contest two months later--when both elections might be held at about the same time; it is unjust, because it enables the unscrupulous Radicals to tack the city precincts with country negroes, who will vote early and vote often, and who will be ready for any act of violence which will gratify their evil passions, while securing, in the election of the notorious PILLSBURY, the temporary triumph of their party."

- The Charleston Daily News, Charleston, S.C. Saturday Morning, August 22, 1868. Volume VI.--Number 930. Pg. 2.

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