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"The present law assures robbers that their victims are unarmed."

Proof That "Sullivan Law"
Places Honest Men at
Mercy of Criminals.

   Changes in the laws to curb gun-men, who now run at large in New York if they are provided with "permits" from up-state Judges to carry firearms, are expected as a result of the shooting of two detectives in a raid on a crap game at No. 301 West 57h Street early Sunday, when Arnold Rothstein*, a picturesque figure in New York's gambling fraternity, was arrested with nineteen others. Rothstein and Denny Lane were arraigned In the West Side Court yesterday and their cases were continued. Adjournment prevented Assistant District Attorney James E. Smith from learning why Detective Walsh, instead of turning Rothstein over to other policemen, took him in an automobile to a hospital, where Walsh's wound was treated, before turning him in us a prisoner.

   Walsh and Detective McLoughlin were shot while breaking into the flat they raided as a gambling joint.

   When the police entered they found two revolvers on tho floor.

   Rothstein, according to the policemen's statement, said one of the revolvers belonged to him and displayed a permit to carry it. A second permit also was displayed.

   One of the permits was issued by a Nassau County Judge. The other was signed by a Saratoga County Judge.

   These permits, accounting for the two revolvers, are said to comply with the New York State law on the carrying of deadly weapons.

   As at present framed, the law is a guarantee to the hold-up man and professional criminal that his intended victim is without weapons. The severe penalty is a sufficient assurance that an honest man is not armed.

   The criminal, planning his crime, can arrange to get rid of his weapon after the crime. The citizen either must take a chance of violating the law or go unprotected against the thug.

   The "Sullivan Law," now covering the carrying of deadly weapons, provides that the "possession or carrying" of such weapons is a misdemeanor, and for persons who have been convicted of crime is a felony.

   It further provides that in New York, the Police Commissioner may issue permits to carry weapons, and outside of New York these may be issued by "a Judge or Justice of any court of record."

   Such a permit holds good, the law provides, throughout the State, "not withstanding tho provisions of any local law or ordinance."

   Thus, any up-State Judge may issue a permit to carry a revolver in New York City, and the local police are helpless to stop it until a shooting affray or murder has been committed.

   "The situation is outrageous," said Assistant District Attorney Smith. "The idea that New York City's police should be prevented from protecting our citizens against gunmen is absurd. The present law assures robbers that their victims are unarmed. The professional criminal, facing possible punishment for robbery or murder, is not worried by the law.

   "A Judge, whose very name is not even known to New Yorkers, can issue a permit to a man to carry a gun here. Two detectives have been shot, and we find that Judges in Nausau and Saratoga Counties have signed permits for certain persons to carry deadly weapons."

[The Evening World, New York, Friday, January 24, 1919. Pg. 11]
* - Arnold Rothstein, Jan. 17, 1882 – Nov. 5, 1928, nicknamed "the Brain," was a Jewish-American racketeer, businessman, and gambler. He became a kingpin of the Jewish mob in New York. As well as developing close relationships with the Italian mob. Rothstein was widely reputed to have organized corruption in professional athletics. And was rumored to have fixed of 1919 World Series. It is well known that Rothstein played the major role in transforming street thug crime into an organized business.

   During Prohibition, Rothstein opened a new door for expanding business. He became involved in bootlegging, as well as narcotics. Liquor was smuggled in along the Hudson River, as well as from Canada across the Great Lakes and into upstate New York. Rothstein also had holdings in a number of speakeasies. With banking support, and high-level Jewish political connections, Rothstein soon managed to end-run Tammany Hall to the street gangs. Which brought into his criminal organization such underworld notables as Meyer Lansky, Jack "Legs" Diamond, Charles "Lucky" Luciano, and Dutch Schultz.
   New York, New York. Where gangsters have guns, (both those in and out of government). And citizens are left defenseless by unconstitutional laws enacted by 'legalized' gangsters in political offices. You know, like the current treasonous N.Y.C. mayor 'bloomberg'. Who is presently attempting to spread this communistic tyranny all around the country....

   Oh, and a posthumous hat-tip to Assistant District Attorney Smith. Apparently all New York City public servants weren't cowardly and vile traitors.

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