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"which only permits responsible citizens to keep or carry firearms after giving the number and description of the weapon and the owners' name and address"



   Washington, Dec. 8.--President Roosevelt has again declined to interfere in the strike conditions in the Telluride district of Colorado. He will not go so far even at this time as to order an investigation into the conditions.

   The president maintains that neither the rights nor the authority of the United States government has been invaded in the Colorado situation and that, therefore, he would not be justified at this time in interfering in the matter in any manner.
Women Take a Hand.

   Hastings, Col.. Dec. 8.--While Marshals Hightower and Waybright were tearing down some shanties on the Victor Fuel company's property, Marie Vanelli, the wife of a miner, struck Hightower on the head with a butcher's cleaver and nearly cut off one of his ears. Four other women joined her and gave Waybright a severe beating. They were arrested and taken to Trinidad.
Three Strikers Shot.

   Segundo, Col., Dec. 8.--A pitched battle took place at the Colorado Fuel and Iron camp last night, between about thirty striking Italian miners and seven of the company's guards. Three of the strikers were shot and two of them probably will die. None of the guards was hurt. The miners went to the ovens, but were ordered to stop by the guards. Almost immediately the shooting began, each side claiming that the other [fi]red first. After the affair a mass meeting of strikers was called but dispersed shortly afterward. Sheriff Clark with a posse is now on the ground and everything is quiet.
Seizing Firearms.

   Cripple Creek, Dec. 8.--Searching parties are out looking for firearms in the hands of suspected persons contrary to the proclamation of Colonel Vefdeckberg, commander of the militia in this district which only permits responsible citizens to keep or carry firearms after giving the number and description of the weapon and the owners' name and address. The time set for surrendering, weapons expired to-day.

[The Minneapolis Journal, Tuesday Evening, December 08, 1903. Pg. 2]
    We can see which side the government was on. Three striking miners shot, and then the Colorado government sends the militia to disarm the rest. NOW DO PEOPLE SEE WHY WE MUST NEVER ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE DISARMED? Our perverse government will ALWAYS side with the ones that bribe them with the most money. The only ones they serve are the holders of 'mammon'. They have no honor, and to most of them our Constitution is nothing but a meaningless piece of paper. The militia that carried out that perversion should have been ashamed of themselves. And are just as guilty of treason as their masters which sent them.

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