Friday, September 20, 2013

"but he later appeared on the streets with a conspicuous bulge in his hip pocket..."

 Samuel Taylor Celebrates With
Whiskey and Six-Shoter and Is
Serving Time in County Jail
   Samuel Taylor, who has been employed on the R.W. Gwinn farm for several months, came to Pullman last Thursday, proceeded to fill up on imported fire water, and caused the city marshal more trouble for a few hours than he had experienced since he was delegated by Mayor Jackson as the official peace custodian. Taylor secured a room at the Pullman lodging house and at once occupied it, presumably to sleep of the effects of his inebriation. The other occupants were soon startled by the discharge of firearms in Taylor's room, and City Marshal Stivers was called to stop the disturbance. The officer was met at the head of the stairs by Taylor himself, who was Brandishing his gun and is alleged to have threatened dire disaster to anyone who attempted to take him in charge. He soon cooled down, however, and asked permission to return to his room and sleep off the effects of the whiskey. His request was granted, but he later appeared on the streets with a conspicuous bulge in his hip pocket, and was taken ln charge by Marshal Stivers, who relieved him of his gun and at once took him to Colfax to answer to the superior court. Taylor, upon a plea of guilty to discharging firearms in the city limits, was fined $56, which, in lieu of cash, he will serve out on the county chain gang.
[Pullman Herald, Pullman, Washington, Friday, April 09, 1915. Volume XXVII Number 27 Pg. 1]

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