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"with old Springfield rifles, Krag-Jorgensens, carbines or whatever type of firearms they could get their hands on...."


   The first exhibition drill given by the Bisbee high school cadets will take place next Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock on the tennis courts in back of the new Bisbee junior high on Quality Hill. This event will be in the nature of an annual inspection as well. The military law provides that the cadet organizations shall be inspected at least once a year and the board of education will be on hand at this time to give the boys a thorough examination.

   After the inspection a review will be held for the benefit of the visitors. Following the review the different squads will have a competitive squad drill in movements taken from the "school of the soldier" and the "school of the squad." The following corporals will have charge of squads in the competition: Corporals Ralph Powell, King, Kroloff, Sutcliffe, Visalia and Ojeda. The squad putting up the classiest exhibition will be presented with a large loving cup which has been donated for the occasion by Watkins & Bergquist, the local jewelers.

   Following the squad drill a competitive drill in the manual of arms will be held for all the cadets wishing to enter the event. The regular rifles that are to be issued by the adjutant general to the cadets have not yet arrived, but the boys have been learning the manual of arms with old Springfield rifles, Krag-Jorgensens, carbines or whatever type of firearms they could get their hands on, and this event promises to be a lively one in spite of the lack of uniform arms. This contest will be what is some times known as a knock-out drill; that is, a boy is eliminated from the contest as soon as he makes a mistake, and the cadet remaining after all the rest have been "knocked out" is the winner. The winner of this event will receive a sterling silver cup that has been engraved and donated by L.L. Gilman of the Gilman jewelry store.

   The Judges of the military contests will be Captain Goode and Lieut. Zewadski, officers attached to Company L, Thirty-Fifth Infantry, stationed at Lowell.

   This is the first opportunity that the public has had to see the local cadets' drill, and it is expected that a large number of parents and others interested in the boys will turn out to see what they have learned during the year. Admission will be free.

   The cups to be given as prizes will be on exhibition in the windows of the jewelry stores in a few days.

[The Bisbee Daily Review, April 28, 1918, Vol. 20. No. 277. Mining/Society Section Pg. 3]

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