Monday, March 10, 2014

"And it would take us all back to our constitutional right to bear arms....."

   PREPAREDNESS If we are going to have military preparedness and compulsory service in some sort of a continental army I'm for the Swiss plan, with at least one proviso. I won't object seriously to all boys getting thorough physical training and building up their bodies. I won't object to them learning how to handle a gun---provided

   I can see how a certain amount of training which would treat all boys and young men alike, with no special exemption for sons of the rich, might make for democracy.

   I can see how democracy might be much safer in this country with every able-bodied man well drilled and all that---provided.

   Now we come to the provided thing. I mean, provided that a rifle then becomes a part of the household furniture of every working-man in the country.

   For I imagine such military preparedness as that might be democratic preparedness as well, by making it easily possible for the bone and sinew of our citizenship to protect our democratic institutions against attacks from within as well as against attacks from without.

   And it would take us all back to our constitutional right to bear arms.

   I have a hunch that democracy would stand for that kind of preparedness.---N.D.C.

[The Day Book, Chicago, Thursday, December 30, 1915. Last Edition, Vol. 5, No. 79 Pg. 21]

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