Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yeah, and that's why they want us disarmed...

  “The principle upon which we professed to act, and really did act, was, that whenever a prince neglects or abandons his duty as the protector and guardian of his subjects–whenever he endeavours, by the terror of his power, the weight of his authority, or the force of arms, to compel them to a surrender of their essential privileges, instead of protecting them in the exercise of their immunities, a people have a right, by their own strength, to protect these rights, and to adopt every measure which may be necessary to effect this purpose. This is the fundamental principle of American law; it lays at the foundation of our government; it is the corner-stone of our political existence and sovereignty; and on this ground were our constitution and the congressional declaration of independence founded.”–Chief Justice Kinsey, Supreme Court Of Judicature Of The State Of New-Jersey, Den v. Brown. Nov. 1799. [Reports Of Cases Argued And Determined In The Supreme Court Of Judicature Of The State Of New-Jersey. By William Halsted, Jun. Reporter. Volume II. Trenton: Printed By Joseph Justice. 1824. Pg. 334]

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