Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ever wonder where that "Sporting Purposes" idea came from? Well, now you have it....


Washington, Sept. 26. . . .

. . . Mr. Jefferson Davis said the bill [bill making grants of Public Lands to the several States for the relief of insane persons.] could not pass without strong opposition.

   The question was taken, and agreed to.

   Mr. Jefferson Davis opposed the bill. Congress, he said, had no power to grant public property for such purposes. It had as much power to establish Government Orphan Asylums and Government Schools. . . .

. . . Mr. Cobb, of Ala., offered a proviso, which occasioned much laughter, namely–”having in view the salutary effect of the Peace Convention at Frankfort-on-the-Main, we may abolish arms for the use of war, and that the arms may be made on such a plan as they may be used for hunting game and other amusements.” The entire clause was then stricken out.

And yes, of course Mr. Cobb was a democrat.

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