Friday, February 12, 2016

Constitutional Convention, "a national Executive ought to be instituted . . . and to execute such other powers “not Legislative nor Judiciary in their nature,” . . . Mr. Wilson seconded this motion.

[Constitutional Convention]

[Pg. 36]

Friday June 1st, 1787

   Mr. Madison thought it would be proper, before a choice shd. be made between a unity and a plurality in the Executive, to fix the extent of the Executive authority; that as certain powers were in their nature Executive, and must be given to that departmt. whether administered by one or more persons, a definition of their extent would assist the judgment in determining how far they might be safely entrusted to a single officer. He accordingly moved that so much of the clause before the Committee as related to [Pg. 37] the powers of the Executive shd. be struck out & that after the words “that a national Executive ought to be instituted” there be inserted the words following viz. “with power to carry into effect the national laws, to appoint to offices in cases not otherwise provided for, and to execute such other powers “not Legislative nor Judiciary in their nature,” as may from time to time be delegated by the national Legislature.” The words “not legislative nor judiciary in their nature” were added to the proposed amendment, in consequence of a suggestion by Genl. Pinkney that improper powers might otherwise be delegated.

   Mr. ]Soon to be Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court] Wilson seconded this motion.

[The Writings of James Madison, comprising his Public Papers and his Private Correspondence, including his numerous letters and documents now for the first time printed, ed. Gaillard Hunt (New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1900). Vol. 3.  Online Library of Liberty.  Liberty Fund, Inc.]
   Gee, mr. 'obama', I guess that means that your dictations, (as well as previous dictations by other dictator wannabe 'presidents'), are MEANINGLESS.

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