Sunday, June 26, 2016

The truly dangerous nature of 'gun control'

   First; it promotes cowardice, and resultant dependence upon an obviously corrupt government.

   Secondly; it allows our hired servants in government to think that they know better than We The People. And that our Constitution can be circumvented if 'conditions' [supposedly] require it. That the servants are in fact above their masters, and know better.

   Thirdly, it legitimizes further violations of We The People's Constitution.

   But the actual fact is that We The People Constitutionally removed our individual right to keep and bear arms from all government interferences. For it is a right that is crucial to the defense of ourselves and families. We had already delegated limited authority and power over the militia to our governments in our Constitutions. In order for them to be able to effectually provide for the "common defense". Thus leaving the individual free in the exercise of the inalienable natural right to provide for their own defense.

   In order to make it perfectly clear that the authority and power which had been granted only extended to the "common defense", we amended our Constitution. And bound our servants in government from infringing upon our individual right to keep and bear arms. Which is a right that existed prior to our Constitution. It is a right that our Constitution did not grant, nor can it take it away. Our Constitution only secures that individual right from any government interferences. Leaving the government only able to Constitutionally provide punishments for the abuse or misuse of the right.

   By the allowance of prior and further infringements. We The People are basically enabling our hired servants to disregard our Constitution at will. As long as they can come up with a plausible enough excuse which the tyrannical majority will be satisfied with. And therein lies the true danger.

   For if our government can use that same type of perversion against one right. Then what is to stop them from employing that same ruse against our other rights as well? For those that love and crave 'power' are never satisfied - they always want more. And are always able to come up with ready and seemingly plausible justifications for their power grabs.

   The whole intended purpose of a written Constitution, is to make it plain what those delegated authority and power "shall" and "shall not" do. And it applies to all governments in the United States; Federal, State, and Local. As well as to ALL branches of our governments; Executive, Judicial and Legislative. The Constitution - "the Supreme Law of the Land", is very clear about that fact. The Constitution leaves no room for the Executive department to sign into 'law' a bill which violates that Supreme Law. Nor does it permit the Judicial department to "rule" that any "infringement" is permissible. For the Constitution itself expressly declares that the right to keep and bear arms "shall NOT be infringed." And every branch of every government in the United States is expressly Constitutionally BOUND to observe and respect that right. There is no excuse for ANY "infringement" whatsoever.

   It is directly due to the unconstitutional "infringements" already enacted that we are having the problems we see today. If We The people had been left to exercise our right as is Constitutionally intended. Then the criminals perpetrating these cowardly 'mass shootings' wouldn't have stood a chance. They would have been shot down immediately and perhaps permanently the minute they tried their cowardly acts.

   All of these 'gun deaths' can be laid directly at the feet of the devious LIE-berals that caused them in the first place. For they would not have transpired had We The People been armed as is our Constitutionally secured right to be.

   How many more innocent people have to die unnecessarily due to cowardly, treasonous and unconstitutional LIE-beral 'gun control'?

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