Sunday, July 03, 2016

Here's all the 'Gun Control Laws' that should ever be required in our Constitutional Republic:

   1. The only time it is legal to point or discharge a firearm in a public area is in defense of yourself or others. And only after it has been determined that the flight path of the projectile will not cause harm to innocent bystanders. (The person [criminal] which had caused the weapon to be fired, will still be held legally responsible for any damage to property that might result. Or, in event of death of the criminal; their estate.)

   2. Firing of any firearm suitable for the target range in which it is being discharged, is permitted at firing ranges where safe shooting habits are maintained and enforced.

   3. If target shooting outdoors, or hunting, the person firing their weapon must make absolutely sure of the background where the projectile will finally strike. That it will not ricochet, or cause damage or harm to anyone or anything. And this only on publicly held land, or private property that is your own, or where permission has been previously obtained from the owner of said property.

   4. No firearm will be discharged near any dwelling or building on private or public property that is within the range of the projectile being discharged.

   Pretty simple, isn't it? In addition to learning safe firearms handling, which should be taught in all public schools. [Like it used to be.] Then those would probably be all of the rules and regulations that should be required.

   If We The People were all armed as is our Constitutionally secured right to be. We would then be having very little problems. Crime would almost be non-existent. Our prisons would be just about empty. And our Law Enforcement could go back to just being Andy and Barney.

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