Saturday, October 21, 2006

RE: There's no such thing as a toy gun....Submitted In Disgust;

Below you will find a copy of the E-Mail sent to the author of an article posted on Keep and Bear Arms, (linked in the headline):

Mr. Doblin,

Do you have any idea what you are writing about? You are espousing the notion of even further usurpation on the Rights of American citizens. It is clear that you haven't the slightest concept of the whole basis our nation was founded upon. No 'permit' is required to exercise an individual God-given, Inherent, and Natural Right. The government assumed this power unconstitutionally. In fact, they were clearly forbidden from infringing upon the right in any fashion. Which right, is the main guardian intended to secure all of the other rights.

The gibberish that you have spewed forth, can very well be likened to treason. You have the right to spout it, of course. However, the ends which your ravings may help bring about are most definitely treasonous. Would suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Truth before belching out further calls for tyranny and usurpation:

The tripe that you spewed forth is linked at Keep and Bear Arms for the weekend. And there are already a number of colorful comments in answer to your babbling. Such as the one left by myself for instance;

Doblin - Just look at his picture. Classic Leninist goatee. Obvious Marxist leanings. Spewing forth typical communist rantings. Is any other proof necessary, of what it really is the majority of media is espousing in our country today?

They have a written agenda (Current Communist Goals) and yet people still dismiss it as 'Oh, you are just being paranoid'.

Look at the list on the linked page. Is that 'paranoid'? Consider how many on the list have come into being.

Our systems of education, media, court and other governmental branches are clearly turning communist/socialist. Consider the rest of the world, and the disarming of its populations.

Our government(s) have already gone far beyond the bounds imposed upon it, and certainly need no more help by you calling for further treachery. Would suggest that you pull your head out and get a breath of some clean, and presently free, American fresh air!

Submitted In Disgust,

E. David Quammen


Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful how the liberals use the media to browbeat people into accepting their agenda? Here's my response to him (keep in mind he's from NJ):

"Please do me a favor Mr. Doblin. Do not, under any circumstances, relocate to my state. We already have enough of your ilk living amongst us. Mr. Doblin, I live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, an oasis of freedom amongst the bastions of totalitarian liberalism that are New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and to a lesser extent Ohio. I legally carry a .45 autoloader on a daily basis and I'm not a cop. My gun does not shoot plastic pellets. It shoots 200 grain jacketed hollow points. Yes, hollow points Mr. Doblin, and they're legal here too; so are "high capacity" magazines, "assault rifles", and class 3 weapons (machine guns). Not only do the laws you favor do nothing to reduce crime, they create a haven for criminals where all their potential victims are virtually guaranteed to be deprived of an effective means of self defense. The Second Amendment is not about recreational shooting or hunting. It is about self-defense."

Three days later and still no reply from Doblin.

E. David Quammen said...

Good thing you didn't hold your breath, eh?

Amazing how these people have infiltrated so deep into the American system. They have steadily worked at undermining the basic fundamentals of our system; God and the laws of nature. This then makes them 'unnatural', and an aberration worthy of aborting. Good thing that nature, as a general rule, flushes itself from time to time.