Saturday, October 28, 2006

Journals of the Continental Congress, "...the citizens of the United States possessed of arms", Jan. 31, 1780

"...That it will appear by the constitutions and other publick acts of the several states, that the citizens of the United States possessed of arms, possessed of freedom, possessed of political power to create and direct their magistrates as they think proper, are united in their determinations to secure to themselves and their posterity the blessings of liberty, by supporting the independence of their governments, and observing their treaties and publick engagements with immoveable firmness and fidelity. And the Congress assure his Majesty, that should any individual in America be found base enough to show the least disposition for persuading the people to the contrary, such individual would instantly lose all power of effecting his purpose, by forfeiting the esteem and confidence of the people...."
"...and on which it is highly necessary that the United States explain themselves with precision, and with such moderation as may consist with their essential rights...."


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