Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"to give to each male emigrant . . . a rifle-gun and ammunition"

...The Senate proceeded to consider the resolution.

A motion was made by Mr. White, to amend the same, by adding at the end thereof, the following: "Provided that an additional article, to be executed between the United States and the friends and followers of the late General McIntosh, by their delegation, now in the City of Washington, shall be entered into, containing the following stipulations by the United States, in favor of the said friends and followers of the late General McIntosh.

1. That the sum of 30,000 dollars, for each one thousand persons of said Creek nation, be paid, who, within months after the ratification of the treaty, shall signify their disposition to the Agent to emigrate to the west of the Mississippi, and who shall, accordingly, carry said design into execution, within a reasonable time thereafter.

2. The United States to support each of said emigrants, for months after their arrival at the point of destination; months notice of their intention to emigrate being given to the United States, through their Agent, to pay for supplies furnished the Mcintosh party, since the death of the General, proper vouchers for the same being produced: and to give to each male emigrant, over the age of sixteen years, a rifle-gun and ammunition, butcher knife, and a camp kettle, and to pay for the value of all improvements left by any emigrant, which add to the real value of the land, to be ascertained by a Commissioner, to be appointed by the President.

3. To stipulate, that the exploring party provided for in the treaty, shall be accompanied by an Agent, who shall be acceptable to them, and to be appointed by the President; and, after the return of the said Agent, herein provided for, and after his report to the Secretary of War, the President of the United States shall, forthwith, grant to such Agent special commission, authorizing him to repair to the Creek nation, there to open a book of registry, in which shall be inserted the names of all persons willing to emigrate to the country which shall have been determined upon, of which due and public notice shall be given throughout all the Creek nation.

The friends and followers of the late General McIntosh, shall have free access to the several towns, and to all parts of the Creek nation, under the protection of the said Special Agent, for the purpose of inducing their friends, throughout the nation, to join them in their emigration; and all persons desirous of emigrating, shall be at full liberty to do so, without hindrance or molestation from those who remain; and the Resident Agent of the United States shall be instructed to give them all necessary aid, and the said Special shall accompany them in their emigration....

- Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1815-1829 FRIDAY, April 21, 1826. Library of Congress - American Memory.


Anonymous said...

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Gaelic Ioudaious said...


Gaelic here and I want to let you in on a little secret: The Federalist Papers, by my Refuted Farmer, Ancestor Alexander Hamilton
is ringing trut through my blood.

Our First Amendment is being tested and tired by fire in Virginia.

I have Lobbied for this and with the Delegates we have gotten House Bill 2465 passed, however our LAZY Gov "Citizen Kaine" is taking his time signing.

People, you need to stay informed and educated with our Freedoms, they are slowly being attacked and
our Courts are actually violating the Amendments.

Gaelic/Rottie Owner

E. David Quammen said...

Aye my friend, our rights, freedom, liberty, and property are under direct assault by ALL of our forms of government. We The People need to send a LOUD and CLEAR message to ALL of them. And, they need to realize that we MEAN it....

Gaelic Ioudaious said...

Indeed and I am well pleased with your thoughts on -everything.

" The Refuted Farmer" decendent.

Gaelic :D

E. David Quammen said...

Am honored my friend. Especially so from a patriot with such honorable lineage.

Gaelic Ioudaious said...

Greeting from New Kent!

It is nice to have the heritage, and I am fighting as he would have for our First Amendment Rights, kicking and screaming as he probably did- That Refuted Farmer! lol

I have a Vineyard though! I am going to the Thomas Jefferson Inst.
For the First Amendment Center before they write the Courts here in VA., a letter on the Foundations of our rights and why the First Amendment is a Lone Soldier and almost losing ground.

That will be MY defining moment when they present that Letter to the Courts. My Mom is a Hamilton
From NY to NC. And we have Politics flowing through our bloods
that is nonstop.

Wish me luck on this one. I have been spending time in the University of Richmond Law Library doing a draft to incorporate in that letter with the Thomas Jefferson Inst. @ UVA.

LORD have mercy, it is enough to strangle some of these politicians.

I am nothing special, but, when I could document to the Jefferson Inst. that I am a "bloodline" of the Refuted Farmed who did write The Federalist, they perked up and took some interest. & Sometimes
dropping a name, needs to be done for OUR rights.

Have mercy! :D
Take good care-

Rifles said...

5 Kudos!

E. David Quammen said...

Gaelic Ioudaious - You might find this of help and interest in your studies:

University of Virginia: Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive

Have discovered many little gems in that online library.....

Gaelic Ioudaious said...


It has been a while, my dealings with local politics has drained the brain:D I am on Facebook with other activities re politics.

Gaelic Maxwell Merrick :look me up anytime and tell Highlander, hello too. S^ith-Shalom