Saturday, April 06, 2013

United States Crime Rates 1960 - 2011 in relation to Gun Control Laws/NICS Background checks

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Sources:  Population Figures; Disaster Center:

               NICS Figures; FBI:


   (Important note: The number of background checks does not equate to the number of firearms sold. As multiple guns; both Long Guns, and Hand Guns, can be purchased during a NICS background check).

The statistics from the chart were gathered from the Disaster Center referenced
above. To which were added the last two columns on the right. Which contain information concerning U.S. gun law enactment periods. As well as crime rate variances, and finally; N.I.C.S., (National Instant Criminal Background Check), numbers,  

As it is plain to see, crime rates started a dramatic rise after the 1968 Gun Control Act. During the years 1981-84 crime rates either leveled out or dropped. From 1985-91 the overall crime rate again rose sharply. During the year 1992 the crime rates again leveled. While in 1993 most crime rates had fallen. Which fails to explain the justification for the Unconstitutional “Brady Bill”.

The 'Gun Control' laws that have been unconstitutionally passed have also had an effect on Firearm sales in the United States. According to National Shooting Sports Foundation, (NSSF), and FBI NICS records. Firearms sales have increased by 54.1% between 2002-2011*. Thus making the claim by John Lott in his book; “More Guns, Less Crime”, a statistical FACT.

'Gun Control laws' also seem to be providing an impetus for increased firearms sales. Which is hardly what the 'gun control' crowd desired, I'm sure. That is of course, unless they are stock holders in firearms related businesses....

* - See:


Geoff Cruz said...

Gun Control does not equate to lower crime rate. However, the rate of death is lower because there are lesser guns out there.

E. David Quammen said...

Your assertion concerning lesser guns is incorrect. It has been factually proven by John Lott that more guns do indeed equate to less crime. If deaths due to suicide is removed then the numbers go way down. And people that have used firearms to commit suicide would have chosen a different method had firearms not been available. Research the ACTUAL facts before commenting further.

Besides the above, it is irrelevant here in the United States. For the right to keep and bear arms is Constitutionally secured. And no amount of data regarding any issue concerning the use of arms has any bearing whatsoever.