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31 Years Advance Warning!

 31 Years Advance Warning!
...Across the Pacific from the United States the first power is Japan. Japan intends to have control of the Pacific trade, and eventually to dominate the whole empire of China. Her armies are perfectly trained. Every child able to bear arms, so soon as he reaches the age when he can, is made a thorough soldier or sailor. Japan has nearly as large a fleet as ours, and is building more ships. When the Japanese-Russian war broke out, before it was proclaimed to the world Japan had destroyed a Russian fleet, and her armies were assembled and ready for war.

   Japan keeps a trained corps of expert officers spying out the defenses of every country which ever threatens to be an opponent of hers. She has better maps of our west coast than our own officers. She knows every point where a ship can land on our west coast. She knows every defense about Hawaii and the Philippines. She is the most treacherous power on earth. She is the only power that the United States need have any apprehension of, and yet a year and a half ago when the battleship fleet was on our coast, instead of keeping it there, our government ordered it home.

   Three or four times in the last four years there has been much friction between our country and Japan; that is, between our people and the Japanese people. Every time Japan has sent kindly assurances that it did not esteem those things of any point, knowing the friendly feeling of our government toward her. But this is true: a great many thousand of her bravest and best died in the Russian war; she is waiting for a generation to grow up and be disciplined, and then, if our government pursues the policy it has for years past, sometime there will be friction and Japan will throw down the gauntlet and say she has borne those things long enough, and before our government is awake to what is going on, she will have landed on our west coast a great army that will simply march hither and thither and prey on the country as it pleases.

   These are all facts, and It is in the minds of thoughtful people a sorrowful thing that our government does not take the advice of George Washington to "in time of peace prepare for war."

[Goodwin's Weekly, Salt Lake City, Utah, January 29, 1910, Vol. XVI, No. 15, Pg. 2 - "So Blind Our Government" (Cont'd. from Pg. 1)]
   Clearly our government has been either; ignorant, corrupt, or treasonous. Or, perhaps all of the above. And this was not the only warning:

Deaf, dumb, blind AND hypocritical....

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