Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Deaf, dumb, blind AND hypocritical federal government revisited....


China Is Purchasing immense Quan-
tities of Modern Firearms.

   Washington. Mar. 17. This government was brought close to a realization of the "yellow peril" by official information today that China is purchasing vast quantities of modern firearms. The fear expressed in many quarters that once the Chinese have modern breech-loading rifles in their hands they will realize the immense power of their four hundred millions and will give vent to their natural hatred of foreigners.

   The advices which caused the state department officials more uneasiness than they would admit was contained in a report of the department of commerce and labor from United States Consul B.H. Warner at Leipzig, Germany, which says:

   "The Waffenfabrik at Steyr, Austria, has just received an order through a Berlin house for a large number of small arms for the Chinese government. Such a quantity of rifles has been ordered that it will take the Steyr factory several years to fill the same, even with the additional force of men to whom it has recently given employment."

[The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Ind. Ter., Friday Evening, March 18, 1904. Volume XI. Number 112 Pg. 1]
   Just another prime example of our Deaf, dumb, blind AND hypocritical U.S. government. Especially after taking into considering the treason later committed by our government from the Nixon to the Clinton administrations....

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