Monday, August 05, 2013

"every where armed, and trained to the use of arms"

"The American citizens are intelligent well educated, and awake to the preservation of their liberties; every where armed, and trained to the use of arms, and comprising a militia of nearly a million of free men. Are such a country, and such a people, in jeopardy, as to their freedom, from the existence of a standing army of ten thousand men." - John Bristed, [THE RESOURCES OF THE OF AMERICA; OR,  A VIEW OF THE AGRICULTURAL, COMMERCIAL, MANUFACTURING, FINANCIAL, POLITICAL, LITERARY, MORAL AND RELIGIOUS CAPACITY AND CHARACTER or THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. BY JOHN BRISTED, COUNSELLOR AT LAW. AUTHOR OF THE RESOURCES OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE New-York: PUBLISHED BY JAMES EASTBURN & CO. AT THE LITERARY ROOMS, BROADWAY, CORNER OF PINE STREET. Abraham Paul, printer. 1818. Pg. 70]

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