Sunday, August 04, 2013

"is the same as England's, Germany's, Russia's...."


   "The President believes and this is the most important statement that can possibly be made touching his present beliefs, that congress has plenary power over Hawaii, Porto Rico and the Philippines.

   At any rate, he now holds that congress may pass one tariff law for Porto Rico, another for Hawaii, another for the Philippines, and that all may be different from that of the United States.

   It may refuse to the natives and to the American citizens who may go to our colonies the right of jury trial, the right of free speech, the right to bear arms, the right of peaceable assemblage and of petition.

   The protected interests are not to be injured by the annexation of any territory.

   If it should be held that the constitution applies to the new possessions*, the tariff policy of the Republican party would be weakened and the protected interests would be offended.

   To sum it up, it is Mr. McKinley's belief, and it will be his purpose to carry the belief into operation, that the constitution does not apply to any of our new islands; that these people are not fit for self-government beyond that proposed for Hawaii; that our new possessions must not be permitted to injure any of our protected interests and that free trade with Porto Rico is right, because our protected interests will not be injured thereby."

   The above excerpts from an interview with McKinley proves beyond cavil that his theory (and he is trying to put in practice) is the same as England's, Germany's, Russia's and even the Spaniard did not go any further. God pity the weak when imperialism is in the saddle for it is always goaded onward by the spur of GREED.

[Monroe City Democrat, Monroe City, Missouri, Thursday, March 01, 1900. Vol. 12. No. 48. Pg. 2]

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