Thursday, August 01, 2013

"Tame submission to tyranny never has nor never will gain liberty for any people"

...We are told and it is commonly believed that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the law guarantees to the working class certain liberties or prevents certain tyrannies being practiced upon them. No declaration, law, charter, proclamation or constitution ever has or ever will guarantee the rights and liberties of the working class of any country. History proves that no people have ever been able to maintain even a semblance of liberty were they not awake and vigilant and armed ready to maintain their rights. The constitution and the law "guarantees" to every American citizen free speech, trial by jury, the right to keep and bear arms, to be secure against unwarranted searches of their homes and arbitrary arrests without due process of law. Yet we have seen all these "guaranteed" rights denied and laughed at by the capitalist class. And why?  Because the Colorado miners were unarmed and therefore unable to defend and assert their rights. Had the Colorado miners been armed and received the armed support of the working class of Colorado, the infamies and outrages perpetrated upon them would never have occurred. Tame submission to tyranny never has nor never will gain liberty for any people. When the members of the American working class are around with a rifle, and determined to
protect themselves and families from the outrages that are heaped upon us. our "guaranteed" rights will be respected and liberty will awaken to bless mankind.

   And instead of celebrating our slavery let the working class set aside the Fourth of July as a day of solemn reflection upon our conditions, and let us resolve that we will study the social and economic evils that afflict us. The working class must either emancipate itself and by its emancipation uplift the human race, form a new social system and usher in a new civilization or human society will descend into a chaos or despotism. Throughout all history the working class has been the only true defender of human liberty....

[Montana News, Helena, Montana, Wednesday, June 28, 1905. Vol. III. No. 41]

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