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"to restrict the ownership and use of firearms"

[The Tacoma Times, Tacoma, Washington, Saturday, March 25, 1911. Vol. VIII. No. 82. Pg. 3]

   William Randolph Hearst had once stated; "[Charles Francis] Murphy was the representative of the big thieves of New York and Little Tim Sullivan of the little thieves". And this was by no means a slanderous statement. As shown here:
   "Tammany Leader Murphy sensed the drift to Hearst. He forsook the corner table in Delmonico's and sent every spellbinder he could enlist out upon the cart-tails. The Tammany crowd-swayers could not call Hearst "rascal" so they called him "radical," "destructionist," "socialist" and raked up the old McKinley charge. And Tammany made other preparations: "Big" and "Little" Tim Sullivan, who controlled the Bowery and the lower east side of New York, gathered their clans and grinned when asked how many votes the independent candidate would garner in their bailiwicks. They controlled the election machinery." [Pg. 201]

   "At Tammany Hall Murphy calmly ignored Hearst's continued attacks and predicted the editor's election by 100,000 plurality. Hearst's executives, untrained in politics, poured equally pleasing prophesies into his ears. The day before election Hearst called a conference of his principal subordinates, Arthur Brisbane, editor of the Evening Journal, S. S. Carvalho, general manager, T. T. Williams ("Good Tom" of the Examiner), now business manager of the American, and others assured the chief of his election by an enormous plurality, but Louis Lang, the veteran reporter, who had the ear of every politician in the state, edged toward the door.

   "Hearst called him back. "What is your opinion, Louie?" he asked. "I'd rather not express an opinion,' replied the reporter. Hearst insisted. "Chief, you're licked, licked by at least 50,000," exclaimed Lang, bluntly. "You sealed your own warrant of defeat when you turned down Pat McCarren. McCarren and Tim Sullivan are going to knife you. So are many Tammany district leaders. You will carry the city but Mr. Hughes's upstate vote will defeat you and the election will not be particularly close"

   "There were murmurs in the group: "You're all wrong!" "Why do you say such things?" Hearst looked puzzled and not particularly pleased. No one sought to halt Lang this time when he again headed for the door.

   "The prediction proved true. The vote in the state was: Hughes, 749,002; Hearst 691,105. For New York City the figures stood: Hughes, 261,455; Hearst, 338,513. Hearst carried every borough in the city but ran far behind the rest of the ticket. The entire Democratic-Independence League ticket was elected with the exception of the candidate for Governor. The McCarren knife had been effectively employed."--JOHN K. WINKLER, "W. R. HEARST An American Phenomenon", NEW YORK, SIMON AND SCHUSTER, 1928. [Pg. 218-9]
   Also take a look at the film "Citizen Kane" if you want to get a good idea of how the criminal democrat party controlled "Tamany Hall" operated. For Orson Welles bases the character of political boss Jim Gettys on none other than Charles F. Murphy.

   Thus, it can justly be asserted that New York's unconstitutional 'Sullivan Law' was passed by criminal democrat party gangsters. And, that this crime was perpetrated in order for the democrats to provide some protection to their criminal cohorts. Which criminal activity they have tyrannically attempted to perpetrate throughout the years since - all across the country. For proof of that assertion, consider how the Chicago mob presently occupies the White House....

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