Sunday, January 24, 2016

Your imagined, or even real fear, does not justify the infringement of my Constitutionaly secured right

   Either get over your fear, or move some place else. Or better yet, how about learning to exercise your right as well? Stop being a sheep. (But please, don't be like a democrat. Who usually has arms themselves, or body-guards. But shudders to think of anyone else being armed.) Because here in this country, We The People have an inalienable natural right to keep and bear arms for both individual and common defense. And, as proven here on this blog, and on my website. That is an irrefutable FACT.

   So either you learn to live with it, or leave. Because if you try to remove that right, all you are doing is making yourself a "domestic enemy". And you'll be worthy of being treated as such. The time for playing games is OVER.

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