Wednesday, March 08, 2006

David Codrea at The War on Guns has done it again....

Mr. Codrea, from The War on Guns, just cannot seem to keep himself out of trouble. He had pointed this beast out to me quite a while ago. And I, lost in the chase in building the website, had summarily dismissed the beast. However David, being the ever vigilant Pro-Rights guy that he is. Unearthed the beast yet again. This time, the beast has attacked a fellow compatriot and slandered him. They employed libelous methods to kick Our Fellow Patriot while he was down, so to speak. The Patriot, of which I write, is Mr. Angel Shamaya. Angel, in case you don't know, is the Founder of Keep and Bear Arms. And had his Rights violated last week. (Previously written about here and on many other sites across the web). Updated info., concerning Angel's case can be found here.
Anyways, I decided to track this beast and determine it's origin. As it turns out, Gun Guys, is part of an organization called Freedom State Alliance. The 'Alliance' is a "member Wisconsin Anti Violence Educational Fund (WAVE)." And their latest 'crowing' is;
"(WAVE), successfully fights off an effort by the gun lobby to let people carry hidden handguns in the Badger State. A big victory to begin 2006!"
This 'crowing' appears below a photo of an officer of the law with some 'suits' standing behind him. Of particular interest, is that none of those pictured appear to be to happy about their USURPATION victory. Perhaps because they may realize that their wreckless disregard, of Our United States Constitution with the attached Bill of Rights, is CRIMINAL in its nature? That ANY Law passed by ANY municipality or state or federal, that is REPUGNANT to said Constitution, is UnConstitutional and therefore NULL and VOID? Of course, the statement directly prior to this, would apply if we had a government, with a court system that was operating according to its INTENDED CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY. Alas, however, they are NOT so doing as they PROPERLY should.
Now, where were we? Ah yes, the Freedom Alliance matter. (They should be ashamed for so horridly misconstruing the meaning of the word, Freedom. The use of the word in their twisted PLOT, is despicable). It would seem necessary. That anyone concerned with Our God-given and, supposedly, Constitutionally Protected RIGHT, would have a desire to challenge this threat. It would justly seem, that such an organization that is so contrary to Our Right, be renounced. That they would be renounced as subverters and perverters of our INTENDED system of government. And, that in all actuality, they are in fact guilty of TREASON!


Jay said...

I saw your detective work in the War on Guns post. Good job!

I guess if they feared and respected law, they'd worry about treason.

But, as we know, several groups are working to destroy the US as we know it - and it's loyal citizenry. And they've done a real good job, so far. As such, they couldn't care less about the law or about integrity and honesty.

Again, good detective work, David.

E. David Quammen said...

Thank you, Jay. You have very fine work yourself! (Just finished leaving a couple of comments on your site).

Our duty, as REAL citizens - Patriots, is to CONFRONT the perversion and put it in its proper place. Our Founders did it and we can as well.

We shall be exceedingly sorry if we do not!

Nicki said...

Yep, these boys are swimming in Joyce Foundation money, guys. I updated my Angel entry just now:

Anyone surprised?

E. David Quammen said...

Now why do YOU ALL suppose, that those with MAMMON, would desire to DISARM us?

What would be their reasoning?

What has been their HISTORICAL reasoning?

Let's see now, could it be....SLAVERY?

Let us call it what it REALLY is - SUBJUGATION!

I, for one, WILL NOT submit to SUBJUGATION! There is NO valid excuse, that stands in the light of reason, for DISARMING the AMERICAN people! Our ancestors DIED for us to GAIN this FREEDOM!

Nicki said...

David, I think I may have figured out who this guy is...

Thoughts on this?


E. David Quammen said...


Your posts were permanently removed due to their idiotic and treasonous content. Any further droolings emitted from you will be summarily deleted as well. Take a hike you ignorant traitor.