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Nation Wide Tyrannical Usurpation Conspiracy Revealed

 Would Regulate Firearms Sale

Many Police Chiefs Favor Federal Law to Govern Use of Guns, Too

   New York, July 8.--Enactment of a stringent Federal law to curb indiscriminate use of firearms as advocated by Richard E. Enright, New York police commissioner, is favored by police officials in all parts of the counntry.

   Confiscation of every personally-owned pistol was advocated by Commssioner Enright and the sale of such weapons thereafter should, he believed, be regulated by the government. Enright also urged an exorbitant tariff against imported firearms.

   A symposium of views on Enright's suggested measures, as expressed by police officials in many cities, follows:

   Washington.--"In advocating the enactment of a federal law to curb the indiscriminate use of firearms, Commissioner Enright of the New York police department is doing a real public service," declares Maj. Daniel Sullivan, superintendent of the Washington police. "Anything that will tend to restrict the use of firearms by irresponsible parties should have the hearty support of police authorities. throughout the country."

   Portland, Ore.--"I heartily subscribe to Commissioner Enright's views," asserts Chief of Police L.V. Jenkins of the city. "Legislation against the sale and possession of firearms should be nationwide in its scope. A heavy tariff to restrict the importation of firearms, and heavy prison sentences for persons convicted of illegally possessing firearms are fine suggestions."

   Kansas City, Mo.--"Commissioner Enright is unquestionably right," says Acting Chief of Police Frank H. Anderson. "When the sentence for carrying firearms is made as heavy as penalties for some other crimes and when it becomes mre difficult for the prisoner to secure a speedy pardon or parole for violation of law, firearms will be as scarce as dollars made in 1850."
Seconds Enright's Views

   Birmingham, Ala.--Says Chief of Police Fred H. McDuff;

   "I second most heartily Commissioner Enright's idea that all personally-owned firearms should be confiscated and that the sale of all such weapons thereafter should be regulated by a drastic federal law, as by doing this the unlawful taking of human life will be reduced to the minimum."

   Indianapolis, Ind.--No one--not even a policeman--should be allowed to have a firearm of any kind, Chief of Police Herman Rikhoff believes. He would be even more drastic than Commissioner Enright of New York.

   "Stop the manufacture of guns, confiscate all others, and the country will have gone a long way toward preventing crime," he says.

   LOS ANGELES--"if the legislature of every state would make it a felony to illegally carry firearms at least 25 percent of the spontaneous crime in the United States would be eliminated," declares Grant Roberts, in charge of the Los Angeles Detective bureau.

   ST. LOUIS--"Unquestionably a good idea," said Phillip H. Brockman, president of the local board of police commissioners, when told of the stringent firearms measures advocated by Police Commissioner Enright of New York.

   SEATTLE--Says Chief of Police William H. Severyns;

   "There is no doubt but that Commissioner Enright has the right idea regarding the confiscation and prohibition or sale of pistols."

   SPRINGFIELD, Ill.--"The World was familiarized men with guns and created a desire to use them," says C.A. Schryver, head of the local police bureau of identification. "Commissioner Enright is right in his suggestions. Our lawmakers should pass a law to confiscate all pistols, place an exorbitant tariff on imported guns and levy a heavy tax against dealers."
Views of Others
   Views expressed by police officials who attended the recent San Francisco convention of the International Association of Chiefs of Police follow:

   Col. R.F. Foote, state commissioner of public safety and chief of state police, Massachusetts:

   "Make it impossible for persons to purchase firearms without licenses issued by proper authorities, and much of today's crime will be eliminated. State and federal lawmakers should frame statutes working toward this end.

   "The strictest regulations should be enacted against persons who carry concealed weapons. If arms, the tools of the criminal trade were impossible to procure, presnt crime waves would be reduced to an inconsequential minimum."

   Phillip T. Smith, chief of police, New Haven, Conn.:

   "I would like to see the government pass a law which would make it a felony, subject to heavy fine and imprisonment, for unauthorized persons to have firearms in their possession. Passage of such a measure is of paramount importance in coping with crime."

   James Patrick, chief of police, San Diego:

   "Laws prohibiting everyone from carrying firearms should be passed by both state and federal governments. Holdups by amateurs and ordinary crimes would then be entirely done away with." [Yeah, thus leaving the EXTRA-"ordinary" criminals in government to plunder us at

   Daniel J. O'Brien, chief of police, San Francisco:

   "A heavy tax on firearms and the framing of an exorbitant tariff on imported weapons are badly needed in America today to cope with crime. Persons convicted of robbery with guns should receive heavy prison sentences.

Need Stringent Laws.

   "Municipal ordinances regulating the sale of arms are entirely inadequate. We need and should have stringent state and federal laws on this subject." [Yeah, THAT worked out real well, now didn't it?]

   "August Volimer, chief of police, Berkeley, and president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police:

   "If criminals did not possess firearms police would not be obliged to carry guns. Make it impossible to procure guns and one-half of today's crime will be entirely done away with. [Actually the opposite is the truth. It is a statistically proven FACT that all that 'gun control' accomplishes is to make crime rates shoot through the roof! See: "United States Crime Rates 1960 - 2011 in relation to Gun Control Laws/NICS Background checks"]
   "The situation is so serious today that stringent regulation by the federal government, in co-operation with state authorities, is necessary, because of the prevalence of 'gun-play' crimes." [Actually, criminals in GOVERNMENTS have SLAUGHTERED FAR MORE than the average 'criminals' could ever even dream of. See; "Gun Control & Genocide"]

   James T. Drew, chief of police, Oakland:

   "Crime could not continue without guns. The logical thing to do would be to make it impossible for anyone to secure a gun without a permit from the proper authorities. [Yeah, like the south used to do to slaves and freedmen, RIGHT? Anyone even remotely familiar with our history knows just how well that worked out for the African-Americans.]

   "Each state should have a complete record of all guns sold and should require purchasers to have a permit. The law-abiding citizen does not need a gun anyway." [How many "law-abiding citizens" have died by taking heed of that blatantly ignorant advise? THOUSANDS.]
   [But WAIT! We saved the best for last!]
   W.P. Rutledge, superintendent of police, Detroit:

   "Forbid everyone to have firearms, and do away with all but an inconsequential percentage of crime. Sale of guns should be strictly regulated by the federal government."
- The Sunday Tulsa Daily World, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sunday, July 09, 1922, FINAL EDITION, Vol.XVI, No. 281 Pg. 40.
[Oh yeah! The feds made it work out REAL well, DIDN'T THEY?]

   One would have thought they were hearing a report from the 'supreme soviet', yes? No, no, boys and girls; those were AMERICANS. This spewed stream of treasonous bile came from our hired servants! The very same ones that get fat off of our tax dollars. Not ONE of them even gave a hint that it is a RIGHT. One that is [supposedly] secured in the "Supreme Law of the Land". Which "Supreme Law" these evil and treasonous 'servants' had sworn an oath to "uphold and defend". Instead, these twisted and vile 'servants' openly advocated treason against We The People and our Constitution.

   After having met in order to conspiratorially form the tyrannical usurpation. These 'police' agencies openly and publicly came out and announced their treasonous intentions!  Of course the ever hungering for further power federal government. Then turned around 12 years later and enacted the first tyrannical 'gun control law' in 1934. Which is in direct violation of the 2nd amendment to We The People's Constitution. For the "restrictive" clause of that amendment reads; "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". The very servants that We The People hired to "protect and serve" us. Turned around and joined in a conspiracy to deprive us of one of our inalienable rights!

   First these traitors created the problem. By criminally having laws enacted that inhibited or forbade the carrying or use of arms against criminal aggression. Which of course [mistakenly] makes the demand for "protection" from them be cried out for by a disarmed populace. Thus creating a self-perpetuating growth and reliance for their 'services'. And then they create a massive penal system
that drains HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from We The People. The courts of course fattens itself off of this exploited play on the dark side of human nature. As well as the lawyers; see - "One of the first instigators of treason against our right to arms unveiled:"

   The reasoning for doing these tyrannical usurpations is of course. That these tyrants are fully aware that the main reason for We The People to be "at all times armed". Is in order to be enabled to put them down in the event they become tyrannical. OF COURSE A POTENTIAL ENEMY WANTS TO KEEP THE INTENDED VICTIMS RESTRICTED AND/OR DISARMED. Especially an enemy that has been repeatedly caught betraying We The People on a GRAND SCALE. Of particular interest, is how the first tyrannical usurpation occurred not long after the "stock market crash" of 1929. First these vermin steal from us in gigantic proportions. And then they turn around and attempt to disarm/restrict the means of making them pay for their theft. And We The People have been letting them get away with it!

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