Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Chicago's action stands forth for all...."


   At last the ordinances regulating the sale and use of firearms in Chicago has passed the city council, and Chicago now has the most rigorous regulations in this line of any American city. These ordinances make it well nigh impossible for the irresponsible and lawless to own firearms.

   Chicago's action stands forth for all the praise it is due. The indiscriminate sales of firearms throughout America has given this country a permanent murder standing which is as high as it is regrettable. For the slightest provocation a man shoots, and shoots to kill. Apparently, ever[y] man has a gun when he wants it. There are laws for the restriction of the carrying of concealed weapons, and we would be led to believe that they are pretty generally enforced. But a dispute arises which would end in a dispute or be settled with a fistic encounter at best were both parties unarmed, but they are not. One of them, or both of them, shoots, and thus day after day it is borne in upon us that the kind of man who would shoot upon what he considers sufficient provocation, is usually armed for all occasions. There should be some way of preventing this, and Chicago seems to have found the way.  Also a more rigorous enforcement concerning the sale of firearms would materially lessen the accidental killings as well as the suicides by shooting. A streak of bad luck, a fit of despondency, and the one weary of life buys a gun, and next morning the papers tell the story. It is idle to argue that if existing are disregarded more rigorous ones be as well. Theft continues despite the fact that there are thousands of thieves in jail, to be sure, but the fact of these very same thousands who got caught at it has kept uncounted others from taking the chance.

   There is only one way to reduce the awful harvest of death from the handy gun, and that's to make the man who sold the gun in a measure responsible for the character of the man to whom he sold it. And that is what Chicago proposes to do. Record.

[The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Oklahoma, Monday Evening, August 24, 1908. Volume XV Number 75 Pg. 4]

   Oh yeah, Chicago's 'ban' "stands forth" alright. And we see how Chicago set the ignorant example that was emulated by New York City a couple of years later and many more after that. And the above chart shows how the murder rate began to climb immediately after their unconstitutional 'gun control' scheme. Which of course helped to usher in the gangsters who controlled the streets and governments for the next two decades. The same type of gangsters which are still in control of our streets and many of our governments presently.

   The chart above shows an immediate rise in the murder rates right after the Chicago 'gun control' scheme referred to above. It then again spikes during the height of the "gangster" era of the late 1920's/early 1930's. The rates go down just prior to World War Two. And then start a slow climb up after the war up until 1968, when the national Gun Control Act was passed. We then see a HUGE spike in the murder rates in Chicago. As well as in the rest of the nation. A trend which continued all the way up until 1992. At which time overall crime rates  starting leveling, and even falling. Of interest, is that during this same period of time, firearms sales were climbing.

   The rising in awareness among American citizens of the truth concerning our right to keep and bear arms. As well as our inalienable natural right to armed self-defense. Also played a huge role in turning the tide against those who were attempting to betray We The People by severely restricting, if not outright destroying our right secured by the 2nd amendment. Largely due to the tireless efforts of individuals and organizations such as: Clayton Cramer, David Codrea, Gun Owners of America, Stephen P. Halbrook, David Hardy, Don Kates, David Kopel, John Lott, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, the Second Amendment Foundation, and many others.

   The new Harvard study; “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” blows most of the 'gun control' advocates arguments right out of the water. This study confirms Mr. John Lott's assertions in his book "More Guns, Less Crime", now in its third edition, most conclusively.

   It is quite obvious that the long, concerted efforts of those that sought to betray We The People. Have resulted in the deaths of tens if not hundreds of thousands. Whether it was done out of ignorance, or for more sinister reasons remains to be seen. But one thing is very clear; ALL of the perversions enacted against our Constitutionally secured right MUST be overturned. And the right of the People to Keep and Bear arms restored to the original intent of 1791.

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